Evoke Study Space: A Specialized, Supervised Homework Program

Posted by | Sep 14, 2013

About the Program

Students who are easily discouraged and find it difficult to stay organized, plan ahead, initiate work and remain on task will benefit from the structure and support of Evoke Study Space, our supervised homework program. This program offers students a quiet space where they can complete homework and upcoming assignments, have access to teaching support, and a support for executive function and self-regulation skills. Our program helps students establish a link between their long-term goals and the daily behaviour they need to perform in order to achieve those goals.

The Evoke Study Space program is designed to help students develop effective routines, complete homework and assignments on time, stay organized and on top of their work, plan ahead, lower feelings of anxiety, and become confident, active learners.  Students learn to take on more responsibility for their learning and become more self-directed.


The program offers homework and assignment checks, assistance with creating daily and weekly plans for long-term projects, and guidance for allocating study time. Active study skills for tests and exams are outlined and taught. Academic Mentors help students prioritize and adjust their study schedule as necessary, work with them to address challenges as they arise, and show students how to break down assignments into manageable chunks with due dates. Students also receive support in organizing their materials, binders, book bags, backpacks, notes and handouts.

Our Mentors work directly with students to assist them in developing their goal-directed persistence, and sustain their attention and focus on required tasks.  Students learn how to best cope with stress and setbacks, and foster their resiliency.  Evoke Academic Mentors work with students to develop the mental and physical habits they need to foster positive adaptation to stress.


The program is available Monday through Thursday after school.  Students are welcome and encouraged to attend all four sessions per week, with a minimum commitment of two days a week. Mentors provide guidance, encouragement, and explanations as needed to help students complete their work and assignments.  Snacks are provided or students may bring their own. Students will be encouraged to take supervised breaks during their sessions.

For more information email Denise ( for York Region services,

Kate ( for Toronto services.