Do you offer summer programming?

Yes. During July and August, Evoke Learning offers summer learning programs and supports students who are enrolled in summer school or engaged in online courses. Summer learning can help students improve their academic outcomes.

    Evoke Learning offers summer programs in:

  • Math
  • Academic writing strategies
  • Financial literacy
  • Reading remediation
  • Learning skills
  • Coaching to overcome procrastination
  • Postsecondary planning
  • Transitioning to postsecondary education

Studies demonstrate that time away from academics can result in lost knowledge and skills, especially in math and reading. This loss, compounded over time, contributes to the achievement gap between students who require more time to process information, and their peers. Students who undertake summer learning can master material they did not learn during the previous school year, develop a strong writing foundation, establish good work habits, develop essential skills and helpful learning strategies, prepare for next year’s curriculum, catch up, and learn at their own pace.

Visit the Evoke Learning website to learn more about our summer programs.

How will I know that my child is progressing?

Visible progress and measurable outcomes are important to us. Some programs, such as reading remediation, incorporate standardized assessments that can be used to track the “before and after” skill levels. For programs where this kind of assessment is not possible, we use student and program goals and benchmarks, to monitor progress. Evoke Learning also provides weekly feedback forms that highlight each student’s progress, accomplishments, and areas of challenge.

What are your hours of operation?

Evoke Learning operates seven days a week. All services are by appointment only. Evoke offers flexible session times, including day, evening, and weekend availability.

Do you offer package deals (e.g. 10 sessions for the cost of 8)?

Evoke Learning does not offer package deals. Rather, we invoice at the beginning of each month for the sessions that month.

What are the qualifications of the tutors, coaches, and mentors at Evoke Learning?

Our instructors include teachers, social workers, learning strategists, and individuals with academic credentials in disciplines such as neuroscience, linguistics, psychology, communicative disorders, education, child and youth studies, cognitive science, and language studies. Tutors are experts in their field of study.

Evoke Learning is a learning centre that focuses on delivering programming informed by evidence-based, peer-reviewed cognitive science.

What is the difference between academic coaching and academic mentoring?

Academic coaching is the relationship between a professional coach and a student who is interested in making changes in their academic career and/or personal life to become a more confident and effective learner. Academic mentoring is designed to help students struggling with self-regulation develop effective routines and stronger habits, complete work on time, stay organized, and plan ahead.

Coaching helps students develop their learning skills and make choices and changes with confidence. Learning strategies and skills are offered and taught. Evoke Learning focuses on assisting students in developing critical cognitive thinking skills (executive functions) that relate to managing oneself and one's resources in order to achieve a goal. These skills include attention, emotional control, initiation, working memory, planning and organization, and self-monitoring/self-regulation. Between sessions, the coach may request that the student complete specific actions that will contribute to their goals.

Mentoring helps students who are easily discouraged or find it difficult to stay organized, plan ahead, initiate work, and remain on task. Evoke Learning’s Facilitated Focus program helps students develop the mental and physical habits required to achieve long-term goals and establish a link to the daily behaviour they need in order to achieve them.

Mentoring offers homework and assignment checks, assistance with creating plans for long-term projects, and guidance for allocating study time. Active study skills for tests and exams are outlined and taught. A mentor works directly with the student to address challenges as they arise, and shows them how to initiate and break down assignments into manageable chunks with due dates. Students also receive support organizing their materials, and developing academic perseverance and self-control to focus on required tasks.

Are your services covered by employment benefits, insurance, or the government?

Receipts are provided for services rendered by registered social workers and professional coaches that can be used for private benefit plans. If a student has a formal diagnosis rendered by an accredited medical professional, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, family doctor, or paediatrician, our services are income tax-deductible through the disability tax credit. More information on this can be found on the canada.ca website.

For students with autism, Special Services at Home funding may also cover some of our services, such as executive functioning coaching. The Special Services at Home program helps families who are caring for a child with a developmental and/or physical disability. It is funded and managed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. Visit the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services website to see if your child qualifies.

The Bursary for Students with Disabilities program (BSWD) and the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment (CSG-PDSE), which are funded through the Ontario provincial and Canadian federal government, assist students who are eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), with a permanent disability and financial need, to meet their disability-related educational costs. More information can be found on the OSAP website.

My child has ADHD. Won’t online learning be challenging for them?

Evoke Learning specializes in working with students with ADHD and self-regulation challenges and understands their profiles and unique learning needs. We use evidence-based best practices for online instruction and learning.

Evoke Learning has more than 150 students who receive online services. We use strategies, effective approaches, structure, and tools to enhance student engagement.  We have had very positive feedback from clients with ADHD, some in grades as early as Grade 1, regarding our virtual services.

Does Evoke Learning provide remote services?

Yes. In addition to offering in-person services at our three locations, Evoke Learning connects with students remotely via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or phone. This allows us to support students who live in other communities and provinces, students with mobility challenges, busy families who would like to avoid the travel time to and from sessions, those who are transitioning from high school to postsecondary studies, and students already attending college or university.

How many Evoke Learning locations are there?

Evoke Learning has three office locations: Toronto, Aurora, and Maple (Vaughan), and provides remote services to students outside of the GTA. You can find more information about our office locations on our website here.

Does Evoke Learning offer in-home sessions?

Evoke Learning does not provide services in a client’s home, although many of our students connect to our practitioners remotely via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or phone. Evoke Learning’s services are offered face-to-face in one of our three office locations (Toronto, Aurora, Maple), remotely (online), or in other flexible locations such as local libraries and community centres.

Connecting with an Evoke Learning tutor, mentor, or coach online allows students to engage in our services even if they are outside of the GTA.

Does Evoke Learning support postsecondary students?

Yes. Evoke Learning offers services to support students (with or without disabilities) who are completing postsecondary education, including those studying at the graduate level.

The Bursary for Students with Disabilities program (BSWD), and the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE), which are funded through the provincial and federal governments, assist students who are eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (with a permanent disability and financial need) in meeting their disability-related educational costs. Funding is available for full-time and part-time postsecondary students who qualify, to help with the costs of academic coaching, tutoring, learning strategies, and disability-related equipment.

To access funding or to determine eligibility, students should contact their college or university’s student financial services office or accessibility services advisor.

More information on support for postsecondary students with disabilities can be found here.

Does a student require an assessment before working with Evoke Learning?

Students do not require an assessment prior to working with us. There are students at Evoke Learning who have received a formal diagnosis and a psychoeducational assessment; however, it is not a requirement to engage in services. If a student does have an assessment, part of Evoke Learning’s intake process is to review that documentation to gain a solid understanding of a student’s psychological processes (strengths and challenges) and how they may be impacting the student’s academics.

Evoke Learning offers academic coaching, mentoring, tutoring, and reading remediation services for all students, regardless of ability, aptitude, or strength.

What is the first step in getting started with Evoke Learning?

Services at Evoke Learning begin with an initial intake session. This session is not an assessment but rather a coaching conversation. The intake session explores what’s going well for the student, their current challenges, the strategies and skills that require enhancement, and what success might look like going forward. While an Evoke Learning representative is the expert on the process, students are the experts of their own lives and we want to hear directly from them. During this session, goals are established, knowledge gaps are identified, and the student’s learning needs are integrated into our support systems.

Conversation and knowledge gained from the intake session also informs the approach an Evoke Learning tutor, mentor, or coach will take with a student. This is a process that is individualized to ensure that their work together is successful and strategic.

Are sessions held in groups or one-to-one?

All sessions are one-to-one so that they can be personalized according to the student’s learning needs and profile, which we believe to be the most effective way to learn. Our mindset is unique among tutoring and coaching organizations; we create an individual plan for each student and modify it based on the most effective tactics. At Evoke Learning, we understand that no two learners are alike. When necessary, programs may be combined to meet the needs of the student.

Who are Evoke Learning’s clients?

Evoke Learning provides academic support for students from Grade 1 through the postsecondary and graduate levels. Our clients are students who want to achieve their academic potential and reach a higher level of performance. They want to acquire new skills and approaches to their learning, and strengthen and manage their executive function skills. Evoke Learning specializes in working with students who struggle academically; students diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or giftedness; and students with extraordinary goals.