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As coaches, we are partners trained to listen, observe, and customize our approach to individual client needs. We believe that each student is naturally creative and resourceful and we work to enhance those abilities to elicit solutions, strategies, and productive habits. READ MORE


Our long-term focus is on developing academic skills and self-awareness and on strengthening those skills across all subject areas. We hold our clients accountable to their goals and agenda. READ MORE

Reading Remediation

Our programs provide individualized intervention and instruction for struggling readers based on current neurocognitive research and research-informed strategies. READ MORE


Students who are easily discouraged, find it difficult to stay organized, plan ahead, initiate work, and remain on task, will benefit from the structure and support of Evoke’s mentoring program. READ MORE


Evoke is a learning centre that supports students striving to achieve their full academic potential and enhance their social-emotional well-being. Our approach is holistic. As a client-centred service, we understand that everyone’s journey is unique, we know that there are many ways to travel, and we consider the student to be the expert in their own life.

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Our clients include those with

  • Exceptionalities, learning disabilities, ADHD, and giftedness
  • Academic learning gaps
  • Challenges with underperformance
  • Extraordinary goals
  • Executive function challenges


  • Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • Reading Remediation
  • Mentoring
  • Summer Programs


  • Parent Coaching
  • Children with ADHD and executive functioning issues can be challenging to raise. They often struggle to regulate their emotions, and have challenges with impulsivity, and following directions and rules. Parents often become tired and drained from managing or helping to manage their child’s daily challenges. They can feel like they are constantly in crisis mode or that they are running out of ideas or options for supporting their child. Parents who also have ADHD often feel lost and incapable of supporting others, since they often struggle to help themselves.

  • Academic Coaching
  • Learning challenges often manifest themselves in behaviours and habits that impact classroom performance. Academic coaching is designed to help students overcome these barriers and lay a foundation for success. We help our clients define their objectives, manage stress and anxiety, and develop strategies and processes to help them organize tasks and meet deadlines. With regular academic coaching, students can find approaches that enable them to focus and study more effectively to achieve their educational goals.

  • ADHD and Executive Function Coaching
  • Students with ADHD frequently have difficulty with self-regulation and often lack the executive functioning skills to plan, organize, initiate, and complete assignments. They struggle to sustain attention and retain information in class, manage their emotional responses, focus on specific tasks, and retrieve important information from long-term memory. Our coaching helps students strengthen their academic foundations and thrive in competitive environments by developing effective study habits, building compensatory strategies, and generating critical self-awareness.


  • Academic and Writing Strategies Program: Grade 4-Postsecondary
  • Our program teaches students the strategies that assist with every phase of the writing process, from brainstorming and goal setting to proofreading and revision—methods that have been researched and proven to work with students at all levels, and especially those who are challenged by learning disabilities. Together, the student and tutor will identify the greatest roadblocks to the student’s writing and choose strategies that will best address their challenges.


Reading Remediation

  • Reading Remediation for Students: Grades 1-12
  • Individualized tutoring and intervention can improve the phonological awareness and word decoding skills of older students, without which the deficit will remain. The WISE READING® Remediation Program, based on the doctoral research approach of Nancy Wise, delivers phonological and phonemic awareness for struggling readers.


  • Academic and Writing Strategies Program: Grade 4 - Postsecondary
  • Postsecondary Planning
  • In the move to college or university, students often lose the supports they received in high school. As a result, many struggle academically and emotionally. We offer personalized coaching focused on the development of metacognitive skills, identifying effective strategies and solutions that help students bridge the gap between ability and performance. Coaching focuses on increasing the individual’s ability to plan, prioritize, and organize efficiently and effectively, and emphasizes a proactive approach to learning.

  • Financial Literacy
  • Transitioning to Postsecondary Education
  • Students who graduate from high school and begin their postsecondary careers bring their learning disabilities and executive functioning challenges along with them. Our customized coaching program helps clients successfully transition to the academic and social rigours of higher education, supporting them as they envision and then take concrete steps toward a productive college or university experience. Students learn how to advocate for themselves in a challenging learning environment, navigate the life skills required to live away from home, and manage complex, long-term assignments to lay the foundation for a successful postsecondary career.

Summer Programs


Virtual Services

  • Tutoring and Online Academic Support
  • ADHD and Academic Coaching
  • Reading Remediation with Virtual Learning
  • Online Academic Writing Strategies
  • Academic Foundations: Strategies that Enhance Learning
  • Facilitated Focus: Online Academic Mentoring and Executive Functioning Support
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