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About ADHD Coaching

ADHD can have a profound impact on a student’s academic, social, and daily life. At Evoke, we are dedicated to providing these students with the tools they need to perform to their true potential.

Individuals with ADHD are often impacted by self-regulation challenges that manifest differently for every learner. In many ways ADHD and executive function challenges go hand in hand. Most of the symptoms of ADHD are actually challenges with executive function. ADHD is an official diagnosis. Executive function impairment is not. Executive function dysfunction is a term that refers to weakness in the brain’s self-management system.

ADHD can impact a student’s learning in one or more of the following ways:

  • Challenges paying attention and attending to important information in class
  • Trouble managing frustration and regulating emotions
  • Difficulty with self-control and impulsiveness
  • Challenges with planning and time management
  • Trouble with organization
  • High distractibility and forgetfulness
  • Difficulty holding information in working memory long enough to use it in the short term, focus on a task, and remember what to do next
  • Challenges demonstrating knowledge and ability in a testing situation because of difficulty recalling and retrieving information from memory when needed
  • Sustaining effort and regulating alertness

As a result, students often experience gaps in their learning that affect their school performance.

Some students with ADHD process information very slowly, while others may have trouble slowing down enough to process it accurately.

ADHD Coaching

We coach students with ADHD to help them understand the opportunities and challenges of their learning difference. The coaching will help to establish habits that lead to accomplishing goals, increase the student’s level of awareness around issues important to them, create a plan of action, teach executive function skills, and manage obstacles that arise while pursuing goals. Specialized coaching can help students overcome the obstacles of executive dysfunction, processing deficits, and social anxiety in order to achieve and thrive in today’s accelerated academic environments.