In response to COVID-19, Evoke Learning has shifted all of its services and programs online

1 on 1 Online Tutoring, Coaching & Mentoring Sessions for Students in Toronto, Maple and Aurora

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Evoke Learning has shifted all of its services and programs online. We offer one-to-one sessions via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Video, or Google Hangouts, among other teleconferencing options. Following the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, our tutors, mentors, and coaches are available to work with students individually to ensure that they progress through the curriculum, don’t fall behind, and continue to have daily structure in their academics. Now is an opportune time for students to get caught up, learn new and essential skills, continue to make learning gains by moving ahead in the curriculum, or review any concepts they found challenging earlier in the academic year. If you are a student whose school has already moved into online learning, Evoke is here to support you. To help maintain academic progress, sign up for a virtual session today.

Virtual Learning Based in Toronto, Maple and Aurora

At Evoke Learning, we specialize in math and English tutoring, the development of essential study and learning skills, writing strategies, reading skills development and remediation (in both English and French), student mentoring, and ADHD and academic coaching.

Continue to progress through this year’s academic curriculum through Evoke’s Online Tutoring and Academic Support.

Students can learn the key foundational concepts necessary for academic performance, such as study skills, note-taking, time management, and the science of learning, through our Academic Foundations program.

Evoke’s Reading Remediation program teaches students research-validated reading skills, and is suitable for French-immersion or English students.

Academic Coaching supports clients in defining and achieving their learning objectives. We help students develop critical cognitive thinking skills, improve executive function skills (including planning and organization), and set and achieve academic goals.

Stay organized, plan ahead, initiate work, and navigate an online curriculum and remain on task with the structure and support of Evoke’s Academic Mentoring, a program that helps students establish a link between their long-term goals and the daily behaviour they need to achieve them.

Online Tutoring and Virtual Academic Support

Evoke Learning offers specialized one-to-one sessions to help students learn and/or review important skills and concepts, address their learning deficits, keep up with the current curriculum, and bridge any learning gaps. Our tutors work with students to effectively and efficiently bring them up to grade level and to provide the detailed, personalized instruction they need to succeed. Learn more about Evoke Learning Tutoring here.

Online Study and Learning Skills - Academic Foundations

Academic Foundations focuses on both academic skills and noncognitive factors, such as procrastination, and the nature of ADHD. Students are introduced to information, resources, strategies and tools that help them navigate the academic curriculum and enhance their learning. Learn more about Academic Foundations here.

Online Reading Remediation

Evoke Learning uses research-validated strategies and interventions, based on the science of reading, to help students develop the phonological and phonemic awareness skills necessary to become skilled readers. Our tutors look to build motivation and engagement among students, which is why they incorporate fun activities, age-appropriate games, and evidence-based strategies to help develop and reinforce reading skills and stay engaged online. Learn more about Evoke Learning’s Reading Remediation program here.

Online Academic Coaching

Coaching helps students achieve their academic goals. Utilizing goal setting, encouragement, motivation, and structure, Evoke’s Academic Coaching helps struggling students succeed. Academic Coaching increases self-awareness and allows students to dig deeper to discover what’s getting in the way for them, and provides the support and focus required to persevere and effectively manage transitions. To learn more about Evoke Learning’s Academic Coaching, click here.

Online Academic Mentoring

Our mentoring program is ideal for students who are easily discouraged and find it difficult to stay organized, plan ahead, initiate work, and remain on task, Evoke Learning’s Academic Mentoring helps students develop the key skills and abilities necessary for future academic performance. Academic Mentoring is particularly beneficial for students who are easily distracted or discouraged, and those who need extra support. It can also help a student who is transitioning to postsecondary academics. To learn more about Evoke Learning’s Academic Mentoring, click here.