Evoke Learning Post-Secondary Planning And Support Program

Postsecondary Planning: Finding Your Fit

Finding your “fit” after high school can be exciting and daunting, given the array of choices, seemingly endless details, and the enormity of the decision. Wherever the student is in the process of determining what postsecondary life looks like for them, we are here to help break down and streamline the process into manageable steps, so students feel confident, engaged, and clear about opportunities and application requirements. Our program supports students in building a compelling profile, presenting thoughtful applications, and ultimately finding their fit--whether it’s entering a trade, starting university or college in Canada, or participating in a gap-year experience.

Beginning with a complimentary 30-minute consultation call, the program is designed to be delivered over a minimum of three 90-minute sessions and will ultimately be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of the student and their family. Sessions will be held at intervals to give each student time to conduct research in between meetings.

Outcomes may include:

  • Help with researching and identifying programs and opportunities for the student
  • Clarification of postsecondary options available to the student beyond the traditional paths, including unique programs with which the student may be unfamiliar
  • Consideration of the current or projected job market and related required skills
  • Knowledge of the prerequisites and criteria necessary for the student’s chosen path
  • Creation of a timeline for the student’s journey, ensuring deadlines are met
  • Increased understanding of academic environments that support diverse learners, if appropriate
  • Identification of accommodations and support systems available to meet the unique needs of the student
  • Support for applications, interviews, and the generation of supplementary materials
  • Creation of a financial plan to achieve the student’s goals
  • Support with transition planning, course selection, and connecting with student support services
  • Development of an understanding of the academic demands of the student’s program of choice and how to meet them, including ways to respond to challenges and setbacks
  • Gap-year discussion, if appropriate and a good fit for the student

Sessions are available, virtually, via teleconference.Contact Evoke Learning today to learn more.