Meet Denise Harding

Denise holds a BA (Hons.) from the University of Waterloo. She is a certified professional coach (ACPC) through Adler International Learning and the University of Toronto (OISE), an applied mindfulness meditation specialist (University of Toronto), and has completed postgraduate certification as a learning disabilities specialist (LDGC). Denise is a graduate of popular author and ADHD expert Chris Dendy’s ADHD Training Institute.

Denise has been a consultant with both the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) and York Region (LDAYR). She has served as a representative for LDAYR on the York Region District School Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee, and was a director of the Ontario provincial board of Canadian Parents for French (CPF), working with CPF’s special education advocacy committee. She has sat on advisory panels, co-produced CPF webinars for educators and parents, and has been a presenter at l’association canadienne des professionels en immersion’s (ACPI) annual conference. Denise has been a contributing guest writer to the Journal de l’immersion, a resource for French immersion educators, and is the author of “A Parent’s Perspective: French Immersion and the Student with Special Needs. A chapter from l’Association canadienne des professionels en immersion’s A Reflective Guide for French Immersion Leaders: A Collection of Essays on Topics Relevant to French Immersion Educators Across Canada”.

She has worked with her local school board delivering teacher training workshops as well as consulting on course curriculum development. Denise is a co-presenter of Evoke’s WISE READING® Remediation certification workshops for teachers.

Denise is the proud mother of a young adult with learning disabilities who is bilingual, and has completed both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.