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Posted by | Apr 10, 2015

Effective Strategies and Tactics to Boost Reading Comprehension

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Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham writes that, "Reading is our link to the world around us—past, present, and future." However, reading is a cultural invention—about 5,500 years old—that is not innate. Human brains are naturally wired to speak, but not to read and write. Reading is an acquired skill that needs to be taught.

Students who participate in this workshop will learn:

  • the benefits of reading and why the skill is so important
  • the mental processes that are involved during reading and why reading can be challenging
  • research-based, step-by-step strategies that directly improve reading comprehension and effective reading practice
  • how to support memory when reading
  • tools, resources, and strategies to help learners who struggle with reading comprehension
  • information about apps and technology tools that support reading strategies
  • ways to practice specific strategies, while receiving constructive feedback from their reading coach to make those strategies more effective
  • how to co-create a personalized tool kit of reading strategies and resources that work for them
  • ways to create study-ready notes out of reading assignments

Students will leave the workshop series with tools and supports that provide them with a stronger motivation to read. They will understand why reading is so challenging and what they can do about it. Rather than needing to re-read school materials in preparation for tests and exams, participants will learn how to turn their annotated notes into effective study guides. Students will leave this workshop with enhanced metacognition and a deeper understanding of themselves as readers.

Dates and Times:
July 6–9, 2015
9:30–11:30 am, Grades 7–9
12:30–2:30 pm, Grades 10–post-secondary

To register for services, please select this link for TORONTO or this link for YORK REGION

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