Students struggle in math and have gaps in their learning for a variety of reasons: lack of self-efficacy, challenges with focus and staying on task, mindset, problems processing information at the same rate as their peers, and inadequate practice to master concepts and skills. To succeed in math in higher grades, it is critical that students master lower-level math skills. At Evoke, our math programs give students the extra time to learn these important skills and concepts and address their learning deficits, bridging the gap for students who are behind in math and ensure that the learning gap doesn’t widen.

Our Math Tune-Up program focuses on identifying and remediating academic gaps in math, promoting the development of mathematical reasoning, fostering understanding with less memorization, and helping students develop efficient strategies for solving problems.

Available in 10 to 18 one-hour sessions, remediation for this program includes reviewing the student’s completed grade level, identifying gaps in learning, and ensuring that the student has a solid understanding of the current material before moving on to the next grade. The program begins with a diagnostic assessment. This assessment allows us to pinpoint the specific concepts and curriculum expectations with which the student is struggling. This information also helps to guide our tutors so that they may effectively and efficiently bring the student up to grade level. Math is like a hierarchy, and having a solid understanding of current grade concepts will assist the student in navigating the curriculum in the next grade. The tutor will focus on re-teaching skills and concepts that the student will need to transition successfully into that grade.