Parent Coaching
For Families of Children Aged 11+

Evoke Learning Parent Coaching For Families of Children Aged 11+

Children with ADHD and executive functioning issues can be challenging to raise. They often struggle to regulate their emotions, and have challenges with impulsivity, and following directions and rules. Parents often become tired and drained from managing or helping to manage their child’s daily challenges. They can feel like they are constantly in crisis mode or that they are running out of ideas or options for supporting their child. Parents who also have ADHD often feel lost and incapable of supporting others, since they often struggle to help themselves.

Parent coaching is an invaluable goal-focused tool that can assist parents who are raising a child with ADHD. For parents who already have some basic knowledge of ADHD, coaching can assist them in developing and reaching their family goals. For families with less knowledge, Evoke’s parent coaching program provides an overview of ADHD and executive function, along with access to resources for further learning. Parent coaching provides families with encouragement, practical suggestions for challenges, and support in applying change management systems to move their family forward.

Evoke’s parent coaching program is based on the International Coaching Federation model. Parents partner with a professional coach to define their family’s goals and assist them in developing strategies to reach them. Coaching is a goal-centred and complementary approach to parenting that helps families clarify what they want to achieve, elicit parent-generated solutions and strategies, and create change. Throughout this process, the role of the coach is to provide accountability and feedback for parents based on how successful they have been in working toward their goals. The overall goal of parent coaching is for family life to become more balanced and functional.

Coaching may include:

  • Role playing a parenting situation to help the family decide how to handle things differently,
  • Suggestions for how to adjust a plan or approach if the original one was unsuccessful,
  • Supporting parents when new situations arise that threaten to challenge the goals they have established as a family,
  • Learning techniques for planning, time management, goal setting, and organization,
  • Learning how to create strategies that turn troubles into triumphs,
  • Learning how to improve their power of observation,
  • Creating strategies that can help parents cope effectively,
  • Identifying and practicing strategies to enhance the relationship between parents and their child,
  • Strategies for practicing active listening and asking powerful questions to help children increase awareness, handle frustration, and enhance problem-solving,
  • Learning approaches that help to provide clarity and consistency in expectations, rules and boundaries, easier transitions, and reduced stress and chaos, and
  • Learning how to move from judgment to understanding to provide children with ADHD with the support and structure they need.

Coaching is a proven method for creating and managing change. It supports people to help them realize their full potential. The principles of coaching can be used by parents to help them build a happy family life.

Parent coaching is not therapy or counselling but rather an active way of helping parents to support children with ADHD, manage their challenges, and achieve positive changes in family dynamics.

To learn more about how parent coaching can assist your family, contact us to arrange a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with a parent coach, today!


What is parent coaching?

Parent coaches are professionals who provide families with the tools, resources, and support they need to help them manage shared family challenges, such as ADHD. They do not treat underlying issues or provide medical advice. With parent coaching, one or both parents (or any primary caregiver) will meet with a professional coach in an effort to develop achievable parenting goals. In this nonjudgmental setting, the coach provides information and support that helps the parent navigate familial challenges. Coaching is beneficial to parents who need assistance to increase family functioning and improve communication.

What are the benefits of parent coaching?

Parent coaching is a useful resource for any parent who requires support to meet their child’s unique needs. Coaching can include one or both parents with the goal of creating a more positive family relationship, improving parenting strategies, increasing communication and coping skills, and developing more solution-focused thinking.

What is the duration of your parent coaching program?

Parent coaching requires a minimum of five, 60-minute sessions; three weekly sessions followed by two bi-weekly sessions. This is recommended to attain measurable results. Afterward, parents can return for further sessions and support as needed.

Who is the parent coach?

Evoke Learning’s parent coaching program is delivered by a professionally trained and certified ADHD coach with additional qualifications in parent coach training (International Coaching Federation certified) and significant expertise in working with neurodiverse individuals who face challenges with executive function deficits, ADHD, learning disabilities, and related difficulties. Parent coaches help families create an environment that will help their child and entire family thrive.

Where do parent coaching sessions take place?

Our parent coaching sessions are by appointment only and are delivered one-to-one (one coach, one family), online. All that is required is a computer, phone, or tablet and a stable internet connection. Online coaching provides families with a convenient, comfortable, and private space to work from which doesn’t require travel and allows parents to connect from anywhere.

How do families benefit from parent coaching?

Coaching can help parents develop the tools required to manage challenging situations at home and understand more effective and productive ways to respond to them. Parents establish goals with their coach and collaborate on the strategies for reaching them. Parents will benefit from practical suggestions to address specific challenges; a deeper understanding of their child’s behaviour; and the support, guidance, and understanding of a professional coach to help them navigate difficult situations to reach a happier family dynamic.