Researchers estimate that in North America, more than 70 percent of students procrastinate in school. Many suffer from poor academic performance, decreased well-being, negative emotions, and reduced life achievements. Coaching and counselling have been identified as successful interventions in decreasing student academic procrastination.

The Program

Our student coaching program provides five, 90-minute sessions of coaching conversation with a professional academic coach. Coaches can help with the following:

  • Define procrastination and the science behind it
  • Discuss the myths and brain science behind procrastination
  • Encourage conversation and reflection around the student’s individual reasons for procrastination
  • Work with the student to set realistic and concrete goals
  • Increase student motivation and hope
  • Encourage self-reflection and self-control
  • Review how to manage setbacks
  • Recommend customized strategies to facilitate change
  • Challenge beliefs and mindsets that are not serving the individual
  • Explain how to self-advocate

Students with self-regulation challenges may find it helpful to follow this program with Evoke mentoring support, during the school year, to help the student move into action.