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Evoke Learning Summer Programs – Updated

Posted by | May 24, 2017

Summer offers an opportunity for students to develop helpful learning strategies and move ahead of the school curriculum in preparation for fall. Evoke offers an extensive set of programs designed to help students succeed.

Academic Foundations

Informed by neuroscience, Academic Foundations focuses on both academic skills and non-cognitive factors such as procrastination, the science of success, stress, and self-care. Students with weak planning, organizational, study, and note-taking skills will benefit significantly from this program for students in Grades 6–postsecondary. Click here to read more and register online

Career Coaching

Students feel more motivated when they have a concrete plan and definable goals. Current work is connected to future success through our Career Coaching program, which helps students envision and identify with their “future self” and start developing a work plan that reaches beyond high school. Click here to read more and register online

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for Students

Evoke’s Mindfulness Meditation Program enhances a student’s social-emotional learning, helping them develop the skills of being present, letting go of the past, and learning strategies to manage the stress of life and school. Click here to read more and register online

Personalized High School Credit Program

This program offers the opportunity to earn a high school credit while putting newly learned skills into action. Working one-to-one with an Evoke tutor, coach, or mentor, students develop learning and study skills to create a personalized approach they can use throughout their high school career.Click here to read more and register online

Developing and Enhancing Number Sense: Grades 1–4

Cognitive experts have found that the development of number sense plays as critical a role in mathematics learning as phonemic awareness does in reading development. This program offers a personalized approach to identifying and closing learning gaps, and strengthening lower level math and number sense. Click here to read more and register online

Math Remediation: Grades 5–7

This program offers a personalized approach to revisiting earlier grade level instruction, and remediating learning gaps in lower level math. Click here to read more and register online

Math Tune-Up: Grades 8–12

Math Tune-Up offers a personalized approach to identifying and closing current level learning gaps, ensuring the student has a solid understanding of current material, and focusing on re-teaching skills and concepts needed to transition into the next grade. Click here to read more and register online

WISE READING® Remediation: Grades 1–3

Students in French immersion, dual track, and English programs who are challenged by the acquisition of early reading skills will benefit from our program, which helps students increase their decoding skills and phonological awareness. Click here to read more and register online

Reading Remediation Program: Grades 4–12

Students who struggle with reading and who have a deficit in phonological awareness, fluidity, or comprehension will benefit from this individualized program. Leveraging each student’s academic strengths to enhance their areas of reading weakness—including decoding and encoding skills—this program will improve both reading and spelling. Click here to read more and register online

Coaching for Students Who Procrastinate

This program helps students understand the myths and brain science behind procrastination, learn how to self-advocate, set realistic and concrete goals, increase their motivation and hope, build self-reflection and self-control, manage setbacks, and implement customized strategies. Click here to read more and register online

The Evoke Learning Difference

Evoke Learning offers academic coaching, tutoring, mentoring, and mindfulness programs for students and their families. Our trained and certified coaches and tutors specialize in working with students who have exceptionalities, those undergoing transitions, and students managing an academic-athletic balance. We believe that each student is naturally creative and resourceful and we work to enhance those abilities. Our long-term focus is on developing academic skills and self-awareness and on strengthening those skills across all subject areas to create self-directed and confident learners. We use evidence-based brain science research to inform our practice and employ a holistic approach.

Our programs help students strengthen their self-esteem, increase self-awareness, learn how to change their perspective when they feel “stuck,” and appreciate their own positive qualities and talents.