Career Coaching with Evoke Learning

Posted by | Jun 7, 2016

Students managing learning differences and other demands on their time are frequently at a disadvantage when it comes to guidance counseling. Many students are unsure of their options and have difficulty organizing their approach, getting adequate time with counselors, and identifying their strengths and interests. Our career coaches understand that the postsecondary environment is competitive and that it is extremely important for students with learning disabilities to pursue their education and career goals at an institution that fits their needs and abilities.

At Evoke Learning, we alleviate anxiety for our students (and their families) by helping them ensure that they have the prerequisite courses and experiences to make successful career choices. Our program is student-centred, and we ask our clients open-ended questions to discover what inspires, motivates, and engages them. We move beyond traditional standardized questionnaires to give students an early, personalized, thoughtful, and comprehensive plan for thriving in a postsecondary environment.

The Career Coaching program is comprised of three 1.5-hour sessions held at intervals to give each student time to conduct research in between sessions. Each meeting focuses on a different aspect of coaching and professional development.

Session One: Getting to Know the Student

The career coach meets with the student to develop a complete picture of their interests, aptitudes, academic interests, work experience, accommodations, and postsecondary goals.

Session Two: Identifying Aptitudes and Developing a Plan

The coach works with the student to identify their strengths and weaknesses, align the results with career types and fields of interest, compare those results to stated goals, and explore the choices the student needs to make to meet the requirements of their various interests. Together, they review the available postsecondary options.

Session Three: Selecting a Future Path

The coach and student research possible schools and program options in light of academic requirements, learning needs, and program locations. After developing a short list of options that covers a variety of bases, the coach outlines application processes and ensures that minimum course requirements are being met. Together, they develop a plan to specifically meet requirements for programs of interest, setting up school visits and making information requests.

The program includes a take-home package of resources and tactics.

The Evoke Learning Difference

Evoke Learning offers academic coaching, tutoring, mentoring, and mindfulness programs for students and their families. Our trained and certified coaches and tutors specialize in working with students who have exceptionalities, those undergoing transitions, and students managing an academic-athletic balance. We believe that each student is naturally creative and resourceful and we work to enhance those abilities. Our long-term focus is on developing academic skills and self-awareness and on strengthening those skills across all subject areas to create self-directed and confident learners. We use evidence-based brain science research to inform our practice and employ a holistic approach. Our programs help students strengthen their self-esteem, increase self-awareness, learn how to change their perspective when they feel “stuck,” and appreciate their own positive qualities and talents.