Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by | May 4, 2014

Research-Based Study Skills and Learning Strategies for Every Student

Many students study for hours to prepare for a test, then forget what they’ve reviewed as soon as they sit down to write it. Their grades don’t reflect their efforts because they haven’t learned how to study effectively.

Current research shows that the higher the level of a student’s study skills, the stronger that student’s overall achievement will be, and that background knowledge and note-taking strategies are linked to strong test performance. Early study skills training readies students for college work and future academic success.

Don't wait until your student has a large unit test or exam looming to teach them these important skills. These strategies, resources and tools can help every student reach their academic potential.

At Evoke, we teach students

  • how their brain learns, retains, and retrieves information
  • how to take care of their brain (how sleep, food, and exercise impact learning)that you can change your brain
  • the importance of mindset in learning
  • research-based studying and learning strategies
  • sources of test anxiety and how to manage it
  • reading and note-taking skills
  • the importance of goal setting

The workshop also includes an introduction to mindfulness meditation, a list of online resources and tools, and a study checklist for students to follow through independently on what they've learned and to refer to when they prepare for an upcoming test or exam.

Students will

  • improve their academic performance
  • learn to manage test anxiety
  • learn to study more effectively and efficiently, using research-based study skills
  • gain effective reading skills
  • learn stronger note-taking skills to create better quality notes
  • understand how their brain naturally learns
  • learn the value of self care
  • increase their self-awareness and deepen their understanding of themselves as a learner
  • learn how to organize themselves and the importance of planning ahead
  • learn to work smarter, not harder!
  • begin to approach their learning differently

This 2.5 hour long workshop is for up to 20 students (grade 6-12) and includes mindfulness meditation practice and breaks.

For additional information, or to book a workshop for your school, please contact:

Toronto Office
Kate Lloyd, MSW, RSW, ACPC
(416) 516 - 3379

York Region Office
Denise Harding, BA (Hons), ACPC
(905) 853 - 7283