Learning Disabilities Association partners with Evoke Learning to help students succeed

Posted by | Jun 1, 2014

Students who struggle with challenges such as learning disabilities, ADHD and executive dysfunction will now have access to a unique academic support program thanks to a new partnership between Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (LDAYR) and Evoke Learning.

The two organizations have joined forces to offer specialized tutoring and academic coaching services for exceptional students that can be delivered in person, or online. Student services offered through the partnership include year-long coaching and tutoring programs based on current and emerging brain research, as well as specialized summer courses: Academic Foundations, Summer Tune-Up, and Online Learning Academic Support.

The programs are designed for students who seek to fill in learning gaps, prepare for the new school year, learn new strategies for coping with deficits, earn additional high school credits, or get ahead of their courses. Programming is customized to meet the needs of each student and address their academic challenges, self-regulation/executive function deficits, and social-emotional needs.

We’re very excited about working with Evoke Learning to offer a combined coaching and tutoring model for York Region students,” said Lynn Ziraldo, LDAYR executive director. “This type of approach, which is in great demand, supports all types of learners and not just those with exceptionalities. Evoke Learning staff are trained to work with exceptional learners and understand how the brain learns best. This program gives students strong academic foundations, teaching them how to study, how to set goals, and how to compensate for their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths. A coaching approach to learning support increases the child’s self- esteem and empowers them to persevere and advocate for what they need to be successful in school.

In addition to offering subject support, Evoke Learning staff will also work with families to show them how to implement successful learning strategies. Academic managers will coach and guide each student and his or her family using a strength-based approach that focuses on the student’s talents. Rather than “fixing what’s wrong,” Evoke Learning staff will focus on leveraging what’s right, and use the student’s gifts to help address their deficits.

For more information please visit  or contact LDAYR  905 884-7933 ext. 23.

About Evoke Learning Evoke

Learning offers academic coaching, tutoring and mentoring services for students and their families. They serve students who struggle academically; students diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or giftedness; performance athletes striving to balance school and sports; and high-achieving students with extraordinary goals.


The Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (LDAYR) promotes increased awareness of respect for persons with learning disabilities and ADHD among the community at large, professional groups and relevant educational, social, recreational, medical, legal and employment sectors. By providing support, guidance, education, resource materials and opportunities for sharing of information and concern, the LDAYR assists persons with Learning Disabilities and their families to meet their evolving needs throughout their lifetime. The Association plays a leadership role in actively advocating for greater research in the field of Learning Disabilities and for legislative initiatives that will benefit the learning disabled.