Academic Foundations Program

Posted by | Jun 2, 2014

This program introduces students to the strategies, resources and tools that will help them navigate next year’s academic curriculum (elementary, high school or post-secondary) and enhance their learning, organization, planning and study skills. Students will learn more about how the brain functions, how we learn, how information is processed and stored and how this impacts learning. This is particularly helpful for those students with executive function challenges. Research shows that those students with effective study strategies, strong executive functions, self-regulation and a deeper understanding of themselves as learners are more successful in school. Participants will return to the classroom in September as more confident learners with a stronger sense of themselves and their learning preferences.

The Academic Foundations program was developed using evidence-based research about the brain and how it processes, retains and retrieves information.

Program sessions cover the following topics:

  • Understanding your assessment, associated deficits and strengths (if applicable) and setting academic goals based on your aptitudes, challenges, and objectives
  • An overview of memory and how the brain learns (processing, storage and retrieval) and a review of executive functions and the role they play in academic success
  • Reading, writing and note-taking skills development
  • Preparation for quizzes and exams along with test-taking strategies
  • Organization, planning and the utilization of online resources and apps
  • Goal setting, including successful mindsets and motivation strategies
  • Self-care, with a focus on sleeping habits, mindfulness meditation, exercise, diet, brain stimulation, and overcoming stress and anxiety

Upon completion of the program, students will receive a binder with relevant handouts and a list of helpful resources. The Academic Foundations program is for ALL LEARNERS.

For additional information regarding the Evoke Learning Summer Credit Program, please contact:

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