Exam Preparation Program

Posted by | Apr 20, 2014

Final exams are around the corner! Evoke Learning is here to help ease the stress with our Exam Preparation Program. Together, in conjunction with an Evoke coach and tutor, students will take part in an individually prepared program, tailored specifically to their personal exam schedule.

The Exam Preparation Program includes:

  • 2 one-hour academic coaching sessions and 6 tutoring sessions
  • tips on organization and time management
  • personal study plan and schedule
  • evidence-based study skills and exam writing strategies
  • a discussion about test anxiety, stress factors and their solutions
  • practice tests with answer sheets to prepare for the exam

After the initial coaching session, the student will be paired with an appropriate tutor, who will help guide the student through a series of study sessions. The tutor will help the student decide which units need more focus during the review process and close any learning gaps.

For additional information regarding the Exam Preparation Program, please contact:

Kate Lloyd, Evoke Learning Toronto -

Denise Harding, Evoke Learning York Region -