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ADHD Coaching: A Port in the Storm

Posted by | Oct 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the script for all of us, but it has been especially taxing for people with ADHD. Folks with executive function challenges are living a life without structure and predictability; individuals with anxiety are struggling with their emotional regulation in the face of new stressors; remote working and learning are often distracting and boring; and we’re all feeling a lot more lonely, sad, and untethered. On top of that, parents and caregivers are trying to manage their family responsibilities without any external support or breathing room. It can all feel excessive and overwhelming.

When it comes to navigating life in the pandemic, an ADHD coach can be a port in the storm. Regular coaching sessions and follow-up communications provide accountability and a routine, help clients initiate work and organize their efforts into productive steps, and assist with planning and goal setting. Having someone to talk with who understands the obstacles and impact of ADHD can also offer an important release valve, validate the feelings that frequently accompany those problems, and help cultivate important coping skills.

At Evoke, we coach clients with ADHD to help them understand the opportunities and challenges of their learning difference. This coaching helps them establish habits that lead to accomplishing goals, increase the level of awareness around issues important to them, create a plan of action, learn ways to strengthen their executive function skills, and manage obstacles that arise while pursuing goals. Specialized coaching can help individuals overcome the obstacles of executive dysfunction, processing deficits, and social anxiety in order to achieve and thrive in today’s accelerated academic and workplace environments, even in the era of physical distancing.

For more information about Evoke’s ADHD coaching program, visit our website, and let us know how we can help you sail through the uncharted waters of life in the pandemic.