In response to COVID-19, Evoke Learning has shifted all of its services and programs online

Students who are easily discouraged and find it difficult to stay organized, plan ahead, initiate work, and remain on task will benefit from the structure and support of Evoke’s Facilitated Focus mentoring assistance. Our mentoring helps students establish a link between their long-term goals and the daily behaviour they need to perform in order to achieve those goals. This individualized approach offers students a quiet space where they can complete homework, reports, and assignments; access one-to-one support; and get help with executive function and self-regulation skills.

Many of our students struggle with the self-regulation necessary to initiate their plans and follow through independently. They benefit from the support of having a mentor with them at the point of performance when engaging with their work. Where they would typically disengage, a mentor is present to help tip them into action and out of procrastination. The Facilitated Focus approach is designed to help students develop effective routines and strong habits, complete homework and assignments on time, stay organized and on top of their work, plan ahead, lower feelings of anxiety, and become active learners. Students learn to assume more responsibility for their learning and become more self-directed.


Work smarter, not harder. Students are supported in developing an understanding of the strategies, tools and mindsets needed for academic success. Evoke academic mentors work with students to develop the mental and physical habits that are required.

The program offers homework and assignment checks, assistance with creating daily and weekly plans for long-term projects, and guidance for allocating study time. Active study skills for tests and exams are outlined and taught. An academic mentor helps students prioritize and adjust their study schedule as necessary, works with them to address challenges as they arise, and shows students how to break down assignments into manageable chunks with due dates. Students also receive support in organizing their materials, binders, book bags, backpacks, notes, and handouts.


Facilitated Focus is available seven days a week on a semester basis, with a minimum commitment of one session per week. Sessions have a 1:1 mentor-student ratio, and range from one to two hours in length. A mentor provides guidance, encouragement, and explanations as needed to help the student complete their current work and plan their assignments. Students are encouraged to bring a snack.