Mindfulness Meditation Anxiety and Stress Management

Posted by | Apr 15, 2015

An Online Workshop Series for Students in Grades 8 through to Post-Secondary

This course will serve as an introduction to mindfulness for students are experiencing anxiety and stress. The six weeks will consist of psycho-education teachings, mindfulness-based practices, group conversations and optional home practices.

We will explore self-awareness and self-regulation as the cornerstones to learning how to manage stress in a healthy way. During the course we will learn to identify how the mind and body signals stress and also look at the neuroscience of stress.

This course will help students prepare for tests and exams and provide time to practice mindfulness-based techniques, which can be applied before and during stressful situations. By practicing mindfulness we can learn how to respond to a situation versus react to it on automatic pilot. This course will teach participants how to become awareness of thoughts, emotions and body sensations through the lens of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

We live in a world of overstimulation, busyness, constant connectivity, and information overload. This course will address what Rasmus Hougaard refers to as "National Attention Defi­cient Disorder". Mindfulness-based techniques can be used to help increase levels of concentration and executive function, allowing students to approach academic requirements with greater ease. The workshop will be of special interest to high school students preparing for exams.

This workshop series is offered online, and students may access it in the comfort of their own home. Students will require a computer with audio and video (camera), and Internet access.

Date and Time: Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm May 6-June 10, 2015

Cost: $270 (includes all 6 sessions)

We are unable to make up missed sessions. Program fees are non-refundable.

About the Facilitator:

Sarah Kinsley BA (Hons.), BEd, MEd (Counselling Psych.)

Sarah Kinsley is a senior facilitator at Mindfulness Without Borders (MWB), a registered charitable organization that brings best practices in mindfulness and social-emotional learning to advance mental health and well-being in youth, their educators, school teams and health professionals. An experienced educator and child and family therapist, Sarah facilitates MWB councils with adults, youth and communities across Canada. At the University of Toronto, she coordinates the Embodied Mind stream in the Certi­ficate of Applied Mindfulness Meditation at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work. She leads related workshops there as well as at Royal Roads University in British Columbia. Sarah has extensive training in mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and is a facilitator and therapist at The Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto. She is a certifi­ed Yoga teacher and the author of "Yoga Therapy: Ancient therapy for Today's Body, Mind and Spirit" a textbook chapter used in counselling programs throughout North America.

For further information, or to register for the workshop series:

Phone: (416) 516-3379