Homeopathy and ADHD Study in Children and Adolescents

Posted by | Dec 2, 2014

The University of Toronto and Centre for Addiction and Mental Heath (CAMH) are looking at homeopathic treatment of ADHD. Homeopathy is a natural treatment involving an in-depth consolation and the administering of a homeopathic remedy based on the patients individual symptoms. The medicines are in the form of lactose granules that dissolve under the tongue (sweet tasting).

There is an initial consult with a doctor at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Heath to confirm the ADHD diagnosis. Once confirmed, your child may be chosen (randomly) to receive 8 homeopathic consultations over 28 weeks, or be on a wait list for 28 weeks. In the consultation group, he/she may be receiving a placebo instead of homeopathic medicine. At the end of the 28 weeks, your child would receive 3-5 homeopathic consolations with remedy (no placebos).

There is no cost to your for any of the consultations. The homeopaths have over 15 years experience treating ADHD and other ailments.

The time commitment is a minimum of 4 in-clinic consultations and 5 phone consultations. The clinics are in the city of Toronto.

While this study has since been completed, you can contact study coordinator David Brule for more information, or you can look at ADHD Coaching options available at Evoke Learning.

David Brule, BA, Homeopath
Research Associate
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto
Phone: 647 378 8309