Evoke Math Space

Posted by | Nov 10, 2013

A weekend program to help students in grades 3-10 strengthen their math skills and receive additional academic support.

Designed to provide assistance with homework completion and creating a deeper understanding of what is being taught in class, the Evoke Math Space offers students additional weekend support to increase their math success and enhance achievement.

Each week, in a small group setting, students will have the opportunity to receive individualized assistance in identifying their learning gaps, getting clear on math concepts, and developing a deeper understanding of math class material.

The Evoke Math Space benefits all learners. Our math tutors work with students to access the curriculum through the use of technology, individualized strategies, and online tools and resources.

The Evoke Math Space is beneficial for students who are

  • struggling with math concepts currently taught in class
  • having difficulty completing homework on their own
  • struggling to manage their time effectively
  • want to familiarize themselves with upcoming units
  • missing periods of class, and are looking to fill in learning gaps
  • preparing for upcoming tests or exams
  • finding the curriculum too fast paced and need assistance keeping up
  • exceptional learners

November 1, 2013 to February 2, 2014 and February 7, 2014 to June 22, 2014

Math Space Schedule: Friday:All grades 4:30-6:30pm

Saturday and Sunday: Grades 3-6 10am-12pm, Grades 7-10 12:30pm-2:30pm

Locations: 1407 Yonge Street, Suite 206, Toronto, ON 15224 Yonge Street, Suite 202, Aurora, ON

Cost: $45 per 2hr session (Initial intake session is required)

The student - teacher ratio will not exceed 6:1 for this program. Students are expected to commit for one academic semester.

You can register by clicking here

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