2016 Summer Programs

Posted by | Mar 1, 2016

Essays: The Final Frontier

This workshop will introduce students in Grades 9–12 to an overview of writing and the brain, the general types of essays, organizing strategies for essay assignments, how to generate a strong thesis statement, essay research, ways to get your ideas on paper, and how to annotate effectively. In addition, students will be introduced to Essay Jack, an interactive Canadian web application that pre structures student essays, reduces writing anxiety and allows for customization and feedback from an Evoke writing coach. The workshop includes Essay Jack’s registration fee, at a discounted rate.

Summer Math Tune-Up

Following an intake coaching session and initial diagnostic (to identify specific math challenges), the student will have eight sessions with their math tutor over the summer to fill in learning gaps and develop competency for next year’s curriculum. The student will work directly with their tutor to move through the specific units in math that they found difficult until they have a stronger understanding of those concepts. Together, the student and tutor will co-create a math strategies handbook tailored to the student’s needs. The advancement element of the program allows the student to feel confident going into the next academic year.

Reading Remediation (Grades 1–3, French Immersion and English)

Evoke offers a reading remediation program for children in English and French immersion programs who are struggling with the acquisition of early reading skills. Beginning and ending with a reading assessment, this program is based on phonological awareness training. This evidence-based program, based on the doctoral research of Nancy Wise (OISE/University of Toronto), will increase the phonemic awareness of at-risk Grade 1–3 readers enrolled in early French immersion or English programs, resulting in enhanced reading achievement.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness programming at Evoke was established to support the critical role social and emotional well being plays in the attainment of academic goals. This series of six sessions (modules) is oriented toward educating the whole student through the practice of mindfulness. Each session is designed to enhance a student’s social-emotional learning through increasing self-awareness, self-regulation, compassion for oneself and others, stress management, and self care. Take-home notes and a list of guided meditation and resources will be made available.

Academic Foundations

This program introduces students to the strategies, resources, and tools that will help them navigate next year’s academic curriculum (elementary, high school, or post secondary) and enhance their learning, organization, planning, and study skills. Students will learn more about how the brain functions, how we learn, how information is processed and stored and how this impacts learning. In addition, specific learning and wellness skills are taught, such as how to study, reading and writing strategies, effective note-taking, stress management, and self care. This program is particularly helpful for students with executive function challenges and ADHD.

Personalized High School Credit Program

Summer is an opportunity for students to gain additional credits toward their high school diploma. Online learning offers the option of working at your own pace, deepens your learning, reduces the next year’s academic course load, helps students make up lost credits, and helps them plan for a reduced course load in Grade 12.

At Evoke Learning, we specialize in working with students who are managing learning disabilities, ADHD, giftedness, and other exceptionalities; performance athletes striving to balance academics and sports; and high-achieving students with extraordinary goals.

Our staff uses science-based approaches and wellness strategies to support the whole student and break down barriers to achievement. Programs are available for students in Grade 4 through postsecondary.

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