Evoke is a learning centre that supports students striving to achieve their full academic potential and enhance their social-emotional well-being. Our approach is holistic, which is to say that we take the whole learner into account. At Evoke, academic success and social-emotional balance are equally important. As a client-centred service, we understand that everyone’s journey is unique, we know that there are many ways to travel, and we consider the student to be the expert in their own life. We offer support for atypical learners who are struggling to navigate a traditional school system because their strengths lie in areas that are not always recognized or enhanced by a generalized, mainstream approach to education. We see ADHD, learning disabilities, and other neurological conditions as natural human variations rather than disorders. Evoke helps students create paths to personal and academic success and rewrite their story. This is achieved by strengthening self-advocacy, teaching evidence-based study and learning strategies, promoting the use of assistive technology, remediating deficits, and introducing students to the tools and resources that help them to navigate the curriculum and take an approach to learning that works best for them. Our students develop a greater understanding of the nature of their disability and find the most efficient way for them to learn. Our approach is informed by cognitive science, which makes sense, and which helps our students understand why a different approach is needed in order to meet their goals. At Evoke, we strive to change each student’s learning experience and create the external supports they need to move from underachievement to success. We help them explore their challenges, identify their needs, and create effective solutions. Our students learn to reframe their perspective and understand that they are not alone, they don’t need fixing, and they can be successful. We work with many types of students, including:
  • Students who are struggling academically
  • Individuals diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or giftedness
  • People who are underperforming and have much greater potential to achieve their goals
  • Learners who require intensive instruction or additional time to process information, without feeling stigmatized in the classroom
  • Students who are capable of completing academic work but need to acquire strategies and time management skills to increase their success
  • Students with extraordinary goals