The Summer “Tune-Up” Learning Program

Posted by | Apr 2, 2013

Summer is a great time for students to catch up with their studies or move ahead to the next grade level. Evoke offers summer math tutoring, reading remediation, and writing skills support.

We specialize in working with all students including those with identified exceptionalities. Our learning program begins with a one-to-one session with an academic coach that helps identify the student’s stumbling blocks and learning challenges. Our coaching approach also addresses any personal issues that may be preventing a student from reaching their academic goals. In addition to tutoring, each student learns specific strategies tailored to their weaknesses and receives a list of resources that will assist them in the upcoming school year. Students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and executive function challenges are taught skills and strategies for organization and planning.

Following the initial private coaching session, the student will have six sessions with their math or English tutor over the summer and a final, one-hour, private coaching session before school begins to review strategies and do some goal setting for the new academic year.

This program is offered to students in Grades 1-12 and is tailored to meet each student’s individual needs.


Students who would like to address academic challenges in math will benefit from our unique combined coaching and tutoring program. The program offers students an opportunity to identify their math challenges and create strategies to overcome those weaknesses. Working with a tutor and coach, students will identify and learn to understand their deficit areas. The student will work directly with their tutor to move through the specific units in math that they find difficult until they have a stronger understanding of those concepts.

Together, the student and tutor will co-create a math strategies handbook tailored to the student’s needs. The advancement element of the program allows the student to feel confident going into the next academic year.


Students are assisted in developing independent reading strategies and skills, improving their reading and building their confidence as a reader. This is an individualized program designed to meet the student’s specific needs. We will assess the student’s current academic level and identify gaps in learning and concepts.


This individualized program helps students become stronger, well-rounded writers.

Students in the elementary grades learn grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, essay styles, and how to conduct research and refine their thoughts. High school students become proficient in the art of high-level essay writing, including strategies for choosing a topic; effective brainstorming and mind-mapping; an understanding of different essay styles; initiating and organizing content; effective proofreading and copy editing; the inclusion of detail and balance; and mastering endnotes, footnotes, and bibliographies.

Our tutors work with each student to assess their level of proficiency, strengthen their skills, and help them meet the challenges of the expanding English curriculum. Students develop the ability to excel in a wide variety of writing formats, including comparative passages, descriptive essays, persuasive writing, outlines, and summaries. Secondary school students have the option of working with their tutor via Skype or FaceTime.


$590 for eight one-hour private tutoring sessions (includes two private coaching sessions)

$680 for eight one-hour, in-home private tutoring sessions (includes two private coaching sessions)

Payment plans are offered. All coaching sessions take place at the Evoke office; however, families have the choice of holding tutoring sessions in their home or at the Evoke office. All coaching and tutoring sessions are flexible and can be planned around a family’s summer schedule.

For more information please contact us:

Evoke Learning, York Region Office: (905) 853-7283

Evoke Learning, Toronto Office: (416) 516-3379

The Evoke Difference

Evoke Learning offers academic coaching and consulting services for students and their families. Our trained and certified coaches specialize in working with students who have exceptionalities, are undergoing transitions, or who are trying to balance academics and athletics. As coaches, we are partners trained to listen, observe, and customize our approach to individual client needs. We believe that each student is naturally creative and resourceful and we work to enhance those abilities to elicit solutions, strategies, and productive habits. Our long-term focus is on developing academic skills and self-awareness and on strengthening those skills across all subject areas to create self-directed learners. Our tutors all have experience working with exceptional students and have been trained to use a coaching approach with our clients.

  • We use evidence-based brain science research about learning when teaching students strategies and skills.
  • We employ a holistic approach, meeting the needs of the whole child and not simply addressing the subject matter.
  • Our program helps students strengthen their self-esteem and increase self-awareness, gain a strong understanding of their learning preferences, learn how to change their perspective when they feel “stuck,” and appreciate their own positive qualities and talents.