Summer Teacher Training Workshops: Understanding Executive Function: A two part workshop series.

Posted by | Jun 1, 2013

LDAYR and Evoke Present

Executive Functions are the brain processes that enable us to regulate the world around us, utilizing organizational and higher-order learning skills.

Research demonstrates that Executive Function is a better predictor of school performance than a student’s IQ. Development of these skills are essential for success in school and later in life.

These workshops are designed for classroom and subject-area teachers of grade levels 1–12, special education teachers, EA’s, social workers, school principals, and other interested administrators.

Part One: July 2, 2013. 9am-2pm

Part Two: Aug 20, 2013. 9am-2pm

$85 non-LDAYR members
$75 LDAYR members

(light lunch included) A 15% discount will be offered to participants attending both workshops

Address: LDA-York Region
11181 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Phone: (905) 884-7933 EXT. 23


PART ONE: Executive Function in the Classroom

This workshop will help those working with students with Executive Function deficits better understand:

  • What are Executive Functions
  • The impact of Executive Function deficits; academic, social and emotional
  • Strategies to support Executive Function deficits
  • How to use a coach-like approach when working with students
  • How Executive Function impacts your classroom
  • Establishing effective study strategies (including note-taking approaches and preparation for taking tests)
  • How to implement Executive Function support strategies in the classroom by looking at actual student case studies

PART TWO: Executive Function and ADHD

This workshop will help those working with students with Executive Function and ADHD deficits better understand:

  • What are ADHD and self-regulation
  • The symptoms of ADHD
  • How ADHD and self-regulation are linked to Executive Function
  • How ADHD impacts Executive Function
  • Current science-based research information about ADHD
  • Strategies that help in the classroom

To register, please contact LDAYR at 905-884-7933 ext 23 or Note: If you are a York Region District School Board teacher, attendance from this session will be sent to Curriculum & Instructional Services so that it can be added to your Learning Plan in Connect2Learn.