Learning Curves: 2. Be Flexible With Your Definition of Success

Posted by | Jul 13, 2011

Part Two of a Four Part Series.

2. Be Flexible With Your Definition of Success

“Comparisons are odious.” - Sir John Fortescue

People have a tendency to compare their success against the success of others, and they always compare up. We look at those with greater success and feel that we are lacking. Some may feel that because is it theoretically possible, they must make it to the top and be the best. Be on the lookout for perfectionism. It hides in experiences of inadequacy and ideas like “I am not as successful as I should be”. Striving to be perfect can drain the positives and good feelings out of achievement entirely. Striving to be your personal best is healthy, striving for perfection is self-sabotage.

In order to experience more success, it is essential to broaden our personal concept of what success looks like. When defining success in a situation, be self-referential, focus on your own path and be flexible and willing to consider different possibilities. We can feel more “in” our lives and engaged by being creative and envisioning different outcomes. You have your vision. Now what is your Plan B? And Plan C? Take the things that you are passionate about from one goal and apply them to somewhere else.  Having alternate visions of personal success lets us feel like we are in control.

Do not to hold onto one definition of success or become fixed on the accomplishments of others.  Focus on your own path and compete only with yourself. Every day offers an opportunity to enjoy the process and experience success.