Evoke Tutor Connect

Posted by | Dec 8, 2015

Help Online, On Call

Tutor Connect is an around-the-clock online tutoring service that allows students to access a tutor from wherever they are and whenever they need assistance.

Clients register for the service through Evoke Learning, which allows them to pre-book sessions to prepare for exams or request services in real time while online. The unique service enables students to complete their assignments, study for tests, acquire a deeper understanding of curriculum material, and get help organizing and planning their online work.

Evoke Tutor Connect offers an effective and convenient way for students to get help quickly whenever they have a question or need support—day or night.

How to Enroll

  • Go to and select the Tutor Connect link
  • Enter the student’s contact information

You will receive a welcome email to begin the registration process. Students will need to provide their name, a password, a cell phone number, and credit card information for billing purposes.

Any time the student is struggling with their work or would like to book a refresher session, prepare for a test, or get clarity on homework, they can send an instant message that will generate an alert to all qualified subject tutors. Students who require daily homework help (such as for math), but cannot travel to our office location, can access this online support. Tutor Connect can also strengthen a student's regular, face-to-face tutoring.

Tutor Connect facilitates live study sessions with a tutor using the student’s regular Web browser. (Note: Students should use either Google Chrome or Firefox to ensure access to all Tutor Connect features.)

Inside the study session, the tutor will start the timer—which the student can monitor—and the session will begin. Student and tutor have access to a virtual "whiteboard," and communicate through a live video chat.

For more information, or to sign up today, please contact: