Evoke Summer Credit Program

Posted by | Feb 15, 2014

Summer is an opportunity for students to gain additional credits towards their high school diploma. Online learning offers the option of working at your own pace, deepening your learning, reducing next year's academic course load, making up lost credits, or planning for a reduced course load in grade 12.

This summer, Evoke Learning continues to partner with Virtual High School and offer the Evoke Summer Credit Program. Through this unique service, clients will receive the one-on-one support they need from an Evoke tutor while taking a high school credit course online.  The Evoke Summer Credit Program is an alternative to the traditional classroom. Our tutors will work with students to help them meet their academic goals, organize their material and course work, identify information gaps, stay on task and adhere to deadlines, incorporate frequent learning breaks, minimize frustration and stress, develop critical learning skills, and continue effectively at their own pace. Evoke tutors are also available to proctor the assessments and exams required to complete the course. Tutors are available in all subject areas.

With the flexibility of the Evoke Summer Credit Program, students can still maintain a regular summer routine - working a part-time job, heading up to the cottage, spending time with family and friends - and still be able to meet their academic goals.  Students can meet their tutors in office, in their own home, or online.  Students from anywhere in Ontario are eligible to participate in the program and earn high school credits.

For additional information regarding the Evoke Learning Summer Credit Program, please contact:

Kate Lloyd, Evoke Learning Toronto -

Denise Harding, Evoke Learning York Region -