Essays: The Final Frontier

Posted by | Apr 4, 2015

Plan and Write Papers that Reflect Your Knowledge

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Date and Time
August 17-20, 2015
9 am – 11 am
Grades 9-12 students (four, two-hour sessions)

Essays. We know you dread them. Developing a thesis statement, crafting an outline, organizing what seem like random thoughts, annotating your work, and trying to sustain your attention all add up to the compulsion to log on and check out, but we’ve got you covered. Join us for this workshop series and learn to crush this critical skill and deliver the papers that reflect your intelligence.

At Evoke Learning, we make essay writing a step-by-step process. In these workshops you will learn essential organizing strategies for use with any size and type of essay assignment in a variety of settings including exams, on-demand essays, and longer term papers. We can also support your written requirements for university and college applications.

Essays are a way to demonstrate your understanding of a topic or argument in a concise, well-documented format. At Evoke Learning, we believe that everyone can write excellent essays, no matter how challenging the topic. Using our seven-step writing process, which takes our clients from brainstorming through polishing, we offer strategies for completing essay-style assignments with pride and success.

This series is helpful to students who will begin Grade 9 in the fall and for those students who have difficulty gathering and organizing their ideas. Students who have participated in the Evoke workshops “Bring Your Own Technology” and “There Is A Writer In Each of Us” will find that this session incorporates their use of technology (software and apps) and writing strategies.

This workshop series is perfect for students who:

  • have processing and working memory challenges
  • would like more practice using technology to write
  • want to enhance their writing techniques and skills
  • find written expression particularly difficult
  • have executive function deficits
  • avoid writing in general

Students will achieve a written product that they can be proud of at every session. At the end of the workshop series, students will receive a set of strategy sheets that will assist them with their writing in the upcoming academic year.

In addition, students will leave this workshop series with:

  • a deeper understanding of why essay writing can be so challenging for the brain, and what makes the act of writing so complex
  • enhanced awareness of what gets in the way of their own writing process
  • an understanding of how mindset and commitment to change are so important for successful writing
  • an awareness of the many options that exist when it comes to writing and the knowledge that there is no single correct way to approach it
  • a personal writing toolkit that includes templates to encourage writing, and helps the student to discover and articulate the essay writing approach that works best for them

To register for services, please select this link for TORONTO or this link for YORK REGION

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