BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology!)

Posted by | Apr 4, 2015

A Summer Writing Workshop to Maximize Assistive Technology

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Date and Time
July 20-23, 2015
10:00 am to noon
For Students entering Grades 9 - 12

Writing is possibly the most complex function we ask our brains to perform. Everyone struggles with writing in some way, and high school students find writing assignments to be one of the most difficult challenges of their academic careers.

Evoke Learning has a unique approach to helping secondary school students write more effectively. Our Bring Your Own Technology program introduces the latest apps and programs for iPads, laptops, and other devices and shows students how to use them in our seven-step writing process.

During the four sessions, students will learn the best apps for brainstorming and mind mapping, outlining, drafting, reviewing, editing, revising, and polishing their work. Apps can be used on iPads, laptops, and even smartphones. There is no need for a quiet place, paper, or pen to get their ideas down on paper. They will end the week with a thorough understanding of the ways in which technology can make their writing process easier, faster, and more successful. We believe that every child can write. Our program capitalizes on the individual’s strengths by directing their challenges toward a technology solution for writing.

Our staff will help participants identify what constrains them in the writing process and suggest platforms and apps that can resolve their problem. Most of the apps and programs we utilize are already familiar to students; however, they are unfamiliar with how to use the technology to support writing specifically or for schoolwork in general. Our relaxed workshop environment encourages students to talk about where they feel most challenged and encourages them to use technology to problem-solve during future writing endeavours.

This workshop series is perfect for students who:

  • have processing speed and executive function challenges
  • would like more practice using their technology to write
  • need to enhance their writing techniques and skills
  • find written expression particularly difficult
  • avoid writing in general
  • need some convincing that they can write and that it can be fun!

Students will end the four-day workshop with a resource toolkit that they can carry into the new school year. They will also receive a list of solutions for each stage of the writing process, all stored in a Dropbox folder that they can access at any time.

All materials are digital, so students need an email account, access to Dropbox, and a laptop or tablet to get the most out of these sessions. This workshop is appropriate for all learners who are familiar with basic iPad use and it will be especially useful to students who use technology in their schoolwork.

In addition, students will leave this workshop series with:

  • a deeper understanding of why writing can be so challenging for the brain, and what makes the act of writing so complex
  • an enhanced awareness of what gets in the way of their own writing process
  • an understanding of how mindset and commitment to change are so important for successful writing
  • an awareness that there are many options when it comes to writing and no single correct way to approach it
  • a personal writing toolkit that includes strategies to encourage writing and helps the student to discover and articulate the writing approach that works best for them
  • information that helps them to advocate for appropriate classroom accommodations and to articulate their learning needs

To register for services, please select this link for TORONTO or this link for YORK REGION

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