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The Evolution of Evoke Learning

Evolution of Evoke Learning

Evoke Learning got its start in 2008 as a grassroots response to an identified need among exceptional students. Our holistic approach to coaching was launched to help them move from underperformance to personal achievement, providing our clients with support for reaching their academic goals, overcoming social-emotional challenges, and putting evidence-based learning strategies into action in every facet of their lives.

The majority of our clients were coping with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities and they were often gifted. They were also lost in a traditional education system. Observing and working with these amazing students inspired us to respond organically with new programs to meet their emerging needs.

Students who exhibited self-regulation challenges that often resulted in learning gaps inspired our tutoring program. Those who lacked study skills and had notetaking deficits were the focus of our Academic Foundations program. Many of our students struggled to overcome executive function impediments such as initiation, organization, time management, and focus, and so we created our mentoring program. Clients with learning disabilities often suffered from acute anxiety and stress, addressed now through our coaching practices. Students who had difficulty initiating academic work inspired us to create coaching specifically designed for individuals who procrastinate.

More recently, struggling French immersion readers benefit from our WISE READING® Remediation Program, designed to help young students access bilingual education. And after observing that exceptional students needed better guidance for making productive university and college decisions, we now offer postsecondary planning.

Evoke programming will continue to evolve to meet our clients’ needs, using evidence-based, peer-reviewed brain science to inform our work.

Our Philosophy

As coaches, we are partners trained to listen, observe, and customize our approach to individual client needs. We believe that each student is naturally creative and resourceful and we work to enhance those abilities to elicit solutions, strategies, and productive habits. We follow the principles of coaching endorsed by the International Coaching Federation.

At Evoke Learning, we know that individuals respond positively when provided with choices, options, respect, and autonomy. Our approach is holistic, and we capitalize on a student’s core strengths, replacing weaknesses and deficits with openness and positivity. Our long-term focus is on developing academic skills and self-awareness and on strengthening those skills across all subject areas. We hold our clients accountable to their goals and agenda.

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The Evoke Difference

Evoke Learning offers academic coaching, mentoring, tutoring and remediation services for students and their families. We specialize in working with students who struggle academically, students diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or giftedness, and students with extraordinary goals. All services are confidential. We adhere to the International Coaching Federation’s pledge of ethics and standards of conduct.

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kate Lloyd

Kate LloydMSW, RSW, ACPC

Kate holds a BA (Hons.) in sociology with distinction from the University of Western Ontario where she earned the Gold Medal for a four-year social science specialization, awarded to the student with the highest average in a sociology major. In addition, she holds a master of social work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, and is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. She is a professional coach certified by Adler International Learning (OISE, University of Toronto) and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Kate is also an Edge Foundation-trained ADHD coach, and a Nurtured Heart Approach® certified trainer. In her work life, Kate was a staff member at Camp Kirk, a residential summer camp for children with learning disabilities and special needs. She has taught a variety of workshops for students on executive functions, study preparation, and metacognition, and was the development director at the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario for 12 years.

Kate believes that individuals respond positively when provided with choices, options, respect, and autonomy. Her approach is holistic, and capitalizes on a client’s core strengths, replacing weaknesses and deficits with openness and positivity. Kate knows that development is rarely a straight line, and she uses appropriate humour to address the periodic need to release stress and help lower anxiety. Her long-term focus is on developing academic skills and self-awareness, and on strengthening skills across all subject areas. She believes that hard work, preparation, and self-confidence are the keys to success.

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Denise Harding

Denise HardingBA, ACPC

Denise holds a BA (Hons.) from the University of Waterloo. She is a certified professional coach (ACPC) through Adler International Learning and the University of Toronto (OISE), an applied mindfulness meditation specialist (University of Toronto), and has completed postgraduate certification as a learning disabilities specialist (LDGC). Denise is a graduate of popular author and ADHD expert Chris Dendy’s ADHD Training Institute.

Denise has been a consultant with the Learning Disabilities Associations of Ontario (LDAO) and York Region (LDAYR). She serves as an alternate representative for LDAYR on the York Region District School Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee, and was a director of the Ontario provincial board of Canadian Parents for French (CPF), working with CPF’s special education advocacy committee. She has served on advisory panels, co-produced CPF webinars for educators and parents, and has been a presenter at l’association canadienne des professionels en immersion’s (ACPI) annual conference. Denise has been a contributing guest writer to the Journal de l’immersion, a resource for French immersion educators, and is the author of “A Parent’s Perspective: French Immersion and the Student with Special Needs. A chapter from l’Association canadienne des professionels en immersion’s A Reflective Guide for French Immersion Leaders: A Collection of Essays on Topics Relevant to French Immersion Educators Across Canada”.

She has worked with her local school board delivering teacher training workshops as well as consulting on course curriculum development. Denise is a co-presenter of Evoke’s WISE READING® Remediation certification workshops for teachers.

Denise is the proud mother of a young adult with learning disabilities who is a bilingual university graduate, currently pursuing postgraduate studies.

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Does Evoke Learning provide remote services?

Yes. In addition to offering in-person services at our three locations, Evoke Learning connects with students remotely via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or phone. This allows us to support students who live in other communities and provinces, students with mobility challenges, busy families who would like to avoid the travel time to and from sessions, those who are transitioning from high school to postsecondary studies, and students already attending college or university.

How many Evoke Learning locations are there?

Evoke Learning has three office locations: Toronto, Aurora, and Maple (Vaughan), and provides remote services to students outside of the GTA. You can find more information about our office locations on our website here.

Does Evoke Learning offer in-home sessions?

Evoke Learning does not provide services in a client’s home, although many of our students connect to our practitioners remotely via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or phone. Evoke Learning’s services are offered face-to-face in one of our three office locations (Toronto, Aurora, Maple), remotely (online), or in other flexible locations such as local libraries and community centres.

Connecting with an Evoke Learning tutor, mentor, or coach online allows students to engage in our services even if they are outside of the GTA.

Does Evoke Learning support postsecondary students?

Yes. Evoke Learning offers services to support students (with or without disabilities) who are completing postsecondary education, including those studying at the graduate level.

The Bursary for Students with Disabilities program (BSWD), and the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE), which are funded through the provincial and federal governments, assist students who are eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (with a permanent disability and financial need) in meeting their disability-related educational costs. Funding is available for full-time and part-time postsecondary students who qualify, to help with the costs of academic coaching, tutoring, learning strategies, and disability-related equipment.

To access funding or to determine eligibility, students should contact their college or university’s student financial services office or accessibility services advisor.

More information on support for postsecondary students with disabilities can be found here.

Does a student require an assessment before working with Evoke Learning?

Students do not require an assessment prior to working with us. There are students at Evoke Learning who have received a formal diagnosis and a psychoeducational assessment; however, it is not a requirement to engage in services. If a student does have an assessment, part of Evoke Learning’s intake process is to review that documentation to gain a solid understanding of a student’s psychological processes (strengths and challenges) and how they may be impacting the student’s academics.

Evoke Learning offers academic coaching, mentoring, tutoring, and reading remediation services for all students, regardless of ability, aptitude, or strength.

What is the first step in getting started with Evoke Learning?

Services at Evoke Learning begin with an initial intake session. This session is not an assessment but rather a coaching conversation. The intake session explores what’s going well for the student, their current challenges, the strategies and skills that require enhancement, and what success might look like going forward. While an Evoke Learning representative is the expert on the process, students are the experts of their own lives and we want to hear directly from them. During this session, goals are established, knowledge gaps are identified, and the student’s learning needs are integrated into our support systems.

Conversation and knowledge gained from the intake session also informs the approach an Evoke Learning tutor, mentor, or coach will take with a student. This is a process that is individualized to ensure that their work together is successful and strategic.

Are sessions held in groups or one-to-one?

All sessions are one-to-one so that they can be personalized according to the student’s learning needs and profile, which we believe to be the most effective way to learn. Our mindset is unique among tutoring and coaching organizations; we create an individual plan for each student and modify it based on the most effective tactics. At Evoke Learning, we understand that no two learners are alike. When necessary, programs may be combined to meet the needs of the student.

Who are Evoke Learning’s clients?

Evoke Learning provides academic support for students from Grade 1 through the postsecondary and graduate levels. Our clients are students who want to achieve their academic potential and reach a higher level of performance. They want to acquire new skills and approaches to their learning, and strengthen and manage their executive function skills. Evoke Learning specializes in working with students who struggle academically; students diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or giftedness; and students with extraordinary goals.