Writing Skills Development for ALL Learners

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Date and Time
July 27-30, 2015
9:00am -11:00am, Grades 7-9;
11:30 am – 1:30 pm, Grades 10-12

Whether you love to write, or would rather avoid it, this workshop series is for you!

Many famous authors (John Irving, Bernard Taylor, Fannie Flagg, F. Scott Fitzgerald) were exceptional learners. They are creative and intelligent individuals who developed their own strategies to help them put the stories in their heads down on paper.

The purpose of this workshop series is to provide students with the skills and strategies to bring their stories to life and enhance their existing approaches to writing. Using group games, oral exercises, one-to-one support, and short written practice, students will create stories together. At the same time we will introduce the Evoke Learning seven-step writing process.

Using a variety of fun, low pressure, and creative prompts, students will learn how to craft their story, whatever type or however long it may be. The skills and strategies taught during the workshop series can be extended into the classroom and applied to all forms of writing assignments.

This workshop series is perfect for students who:

  • have processing challenges
  • would like more practice using their technology to write
  • want to enhance their writing techniques and skills
  • find written expression particularly difficult
  • have executive function deficits
  • avoid writing in general
  • need some convincing that they can write and it can be fun!
  • just plain love to write and tell stories

Students will achieve a written product that they can be proud of at every session. At the end of the workshop series, students will receive a set of strategy sheets that will assist them with their writing in the upcoming academic year.

In addition, students will leave this workshop series with:

  • a deeper understanding of why writing can be so challenging for the brain, and what makes the act of writing so complex
  • an enhanced awareness of what gets in the way of their own writing process
  • an understanding of how mindset and commitment to change are so important for successful writing
  • a better awareness that there are many options when it comes to writing and no single correct way to approach it
  • a personal writing toolkit that includes strategies to encourage writing, and helps the student to discover and articulate the writing approach that works best for them

To register for services, please select this link for TORONTO or this link for YORK REGION

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