In response to COVID-19, Evoke Learning has shifted all of its services and programs online

The Reading Connections program is the next step for students who have completed the WISE READING® Remediation Program, or for students who have already developed basic phoneme level skills. For these students, Reading Connections is the next step. Our Reading Connections program focuses on the advanced phoneme levels and teaches students skills that contribute to orthographic mapping. The overall goal of the program is to train and boost phoneme awareness, promote phoneme proficiency and automaticity, and to accelerate the progress of struggling readers.

Phoneme proficiency is critical to becoming a fluent reader. Students with reading challenges must obtain basic and advanced phonemic awareness skills in order to become skilled readers. When readers do not have to pause to decode a word, they can focus on the meaning and idea it represents. Reading does not improve simply by reading. Initial problems in reading usually do not disappear without intensive intervention and individualized tutoring without which the deficit will remain. 

Motivation and engagement are critical factors in learning to read, so our tutors incorporate fun activities, evidence-based strategies, and age-appropriate games into their one-to-one instruction. This program is delivered in one-hour sessions up to five times a week. In between sessions, to reinforce learning and to ensure that skills are being practiced, students are asked to engage in five minutes of homework on non-Evoke days.