Reading comprehension requires a variety of skills above and beyond reading the words. Evoke’s Reading Comprehension Strategies Program is for students who have developed phonological awareness skills but require strategies to deepen their understanding of what they have read.

Strategy instruction improves reading comprehension, and studies have shown that teaching reading strategies to students with learning disabilities improves comprehension (Gersten, Fuchs, Williams and Baker, 2001; Mastropieri, Scruggs and Graetz, 2003; Swanson, 1999). Supports for students with learning disabilities enhance comprehension for every learner. Studies have also shown that when students are taught strategies to identify the main ideas of a text (Graves et Levin, 1989), recognize the structure of a text (Bakken, Mastropieri and Scruggs, 1997), and summarize a text (Berkeley, Mastropieri and Scruggs, 2011), their performance improved. Students will receive strategy handouts and will learn about the science of reading.

90-Minute Reading Comprehension Strategies

Reading Comprehension Strategies is delivered in five ninety-minute sessions.

Specific evidence-based strategies are taught to students that can be applied in any reading situation and to any reading genre to help readers make sense of text.

Where possible, the student’s current academic work is integrated into the program. For students who require the use of assistive technology to read, strategies and technology use are incorporated into the sessions.