Evoke Learning is currently recruiting grade 1-12 math, science and English tutors, for both immediate and future needs. Positions are available in our all three locations; Toronto, Maple, and Aurora offices.

Evoke Learning offers academic coaching, mentoring, and tutoring services for students. We also specialize in working with students with learning exceptionalities, those undergoing transitions, and who are trying to manage an athletic/academic balance.

At Evoke Learning, we work with the whole child, ensuring that we are utilizing the strengths of the student, while at the same time, assisting them to devise strategies to navigate through their challenges. A significant percentage of our clients have learning exceptionalities. Tutors are matched with students based on their individual needs. To become a tutor for Evoke Learning, the candidate must:

  • Have a strong understanding of the subject matter
  • Be aware of the academic obstacles students with learning exceptionalities, and executive function weaknesses face(and open to learning more about the strategies and resources used to support exceptional learners)
  • Have a strong working knowledge and comfort level in the use of technology
  • Be able to commit for the entire academic year
  • Undergo a criminal background check
  • Have reliable transportation

Our evidence-based, holistic approach to tutoring, mentoring, and coaching serves an expanding educational niche with unparalleled expertise and a high success rate. Our tutors, mentors, and coaches, are dedicated to creating a student-centred support model using holistic, research-based approaches. The Evoke network is a family that puts students first. If you’re invested in student success, you’ll enjoy being part of our team.

Interested applicants should forward a resume, cover letter, and identify the subjects in which they are able to teach, to jeanne@evokelearning.ca