In the move to college or university, students often lose the essential supports they received in high school. As a result, many struggle, both academically and emotionally.

We offer personalized coaching focused on the development of metacognitive skills. Our coaches identify effective strategies and solutions that help students bridge the gap between ability and performance. Coaching focuses on increasing the individual’s ability to plan, prioritize, and organize efficiently and effectively, and emphasizes a proactive approach to learning. Our holistic program supports students in their transition by helping them to:

  • Create a vision for the kind of experience they want to have
  • Determine what they want from college or university
  • Define their goals
  • Create and implement action steps to help achieve their goals
  • Ensure they have the resources they need to make a successful transition

Through coaching, students learn to develop key academic strategies such as planning, time management, self-advocacy skills, stress management, and organization. Sessions may also focus on assistive technology, accommodations, reading and note-taking strategies, and study skills.