There Is a Writer in All of Us: A Creative Writing Camp for ALL Students

Whether you love to write, or you would rather avoid it, this camp is for you!

Many famous authors (John Irving, Bernard Taylor, Fannie Flagg, F. Scott Fitzgerald) were exceptional learners. We know there is a writer in all of us!

The purpose of this camp is to provide students with the skills and strategies, as well as enhance their existing approaches, to getting what is in their head down on paper.

In each session, students may choose whatever genre inspires them; science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction, folk or fairy tales, Canadian fiction, or biography. Using group games, oral exercises, one-on-one support, and short written practice, students will create stories together.

Using a variety of fun, NO PRESSURE and creative prompts, students will learn how to craft their story, whatever type, or however long it may be. The skills and strategies taught at camp can be extended into the classroom and applied to all forms of writing assignments.

This camp is perfect for students who:

  • have processing challenges
  • would like more practice using their technology to write
  • want to enhance their writing techniques and skills
  • find written expression particularly difficult
  • have executive function challenges
  • avoid writing in general
  • need some convincing that writing can be fun!
  • just plain love to write and tell stories

This 7 week, 2 hours per session camp is engaging for everyone. Students will achieve a written product that they can be proud of every session. At the end of the camp students will be provided with a set of strategy sheets that can assist them with their writing in the upcoming academic year.

Cost per camp session (2 hrs): $50

Healthy treats will be provided.
Camp fees are transferable but non-refundable.

For more information or to enroll, contact Denise Harding at (