Evoke’s Introduction to Academic Foundations (AF) is a shorter and more condensed version of our twelve-hour intensive AF learning strategies and self-care program.  Introduction to Academic Foundations is made up of four ninety minute sessions that touch on the most valuable strategies necessary for academic success.  Informed by current neuroscience, the program focuses on the how the brain learns, the science of success, and some key strategies and tools that will help students navigate successfully through the academic curriculum and enhance their learning and study skills. Students will engage in conversations about how the brain functions, how we learn, how information is processed and stored, and how memory impacts learning. Individualized strategies will be developed for students to apply to their academic work with the overall goal of enhancing their academic performance and knowledge around effective approaches to learning. This information is particularly helpful for those students with executive functioning challenges.  Sessions include conversations on:

  • The science of how the brain learns
  • Effective evidence-based study strategies
  • Effective note-taking strategies
  • Academic reading strategies

Students with self-regulation challenges may find it helpful to follow up this program with Evoke mentoring support during the school year to support the student to move into action.