Academic Writing Foundations: grades 4-12

Evoke’s Academic Writing Foundations program teaches students the strategies that assist with every phase of the writing process, from brainstorming and goal setting to proofreading and revision—strategies that have been researched and proven to work with students at all levels, and especially those who are challenged by learning disabilities. Together, the student and tutor will identify the greatest roadblocks to the student’s writing, and choose the writing strategies that will best address their challenges. Our strategies are evidence-based, and introduced gradually as the student demonstrates understanding. Our goal is to help students communicate more effectively, develop ideas, and get what’s in their head down on paper.

The Writing Strategies program requires a commitment of two one hour strategy development sessions a week with 20-30 minutes of writing practice assigned to the student, three days a week.

Writing is a process and can take time to develop, therefore, like anything we want to get good at, time on task is important.

Where possible, the student’s current academic work is integrated into the program and for students who require the use of assistive technology to write, strategies and technology use are incorporated into the sessions.