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Game Changer: Your tutor is a computer

When Kate Lloyd founded Evoke Learning in 2009, she knew the academic coaching service would involve lots of personal contact with her clients. Ms. Lloyd has learned a lot herself since then – about how that also means working with technology to take the service to another level.“We specialize in working with students with exceptionalities, students undergoing transitions and students who are trying to manage an athletic-academic balance,” says Ms. Lloyd, 41.It’s a burgeoning field, as students of all ages seek to cope with pressures ranging from exam stress to dealing with learning disabilities to deciding which high school courses to take or how to ace a PhD dissertation.

Learning Disabilities Association partners with Evoke Learning to help students succeed

Students who struggle with challenges such as learning disabilities, ADHD and executive dysfunction will now have access to a unique academic support program thanks to a new partnership between Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (LDAYR) and Evoke Learning.The two organizations have joined forces to offer specialized tutoring and academic coaching services for exceptional students that can be delivered in person, or online. Student services offered through the partnership include year-long coaching and tutoring programs based on current and emerging brain research, as well as specialized summer courses: Academic Foundations, Summer Tune-Up, and Online Learning Academic Support.

FORUM – Minimize trauma of tests for your student

Newmarket Era
Published on: Feb 24, 2014

Most children experience some kind of stress when it comes to writing quizzes or exams.

Even many years after their high school and university careers are behind them, adults report dreaming about failing tests or missing classes when they are feeling under pressure.

While anxiety is normal and can help […]