Pillow Fight: Tips and Tactics for Winning the Sleep Battle

It’s been a busy day and you’re looking forward to a long, refreshing sleep, but you just can’t seem to disengage and relax. Your head is on the pillow and the lights are out but your mind is in full throttle, worrying over details, anxious about plans and projects, and relentlessly reviewing conversations and events. As the minutes tick away, you start to panic and make things worse. Exhausted, you finally nod off, only to be awakened by your alarm feeling groggy and tired.

2016 Summer Programs

Our summer programs include: Essays: The Final Frontier, Summer Math Tune-Up, Reading Remediation, Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, Academic Foundations, Personalized High School Credit Program

Coaching and Caring are Key to Success

High school isn’t easy for students with learning challenges. They often work very hard to overcome their exceptionalities and are frequently bored, discouraged, or anxious. While parents navigate the education system with their son or daughter, they may wonder if they’re making the right decisions and doing what’s best for their child. As it turns out, it may simply be Mom and Dad’s ongoing dedication that makes the difference to a student’s success.

Evoke Tutor Connect

Tutor Connect is an around-the-clock online tutoring service that allows students to access a tutor from wherever they are and whenever they need assistance.Clients register for the service through Evoke Learning, which allows them to pre-book sessions to prepare for exams or request services in real time while online. The unique service enables students to complete their assignments, study for tests, acquire a deeper understanding of curriculum material, and get help organizing and planning their online work.

Evoke Academic Coaching and Learning Centre – Thornhill

The Evoke Academic Coaching and Learning Centre helps students articulate goals, identify strategies, access resources, and develop the diligence and mindset required for stronger academic achievement. Students participate in a process designed to assess and respond to each child’s abilities and needs with long-term strategies for success. The centre incorporates our Study Space program and a dedicated Math Lab.

Doing the Math

It’s a feeling that strikes terror in the hearts of students everywhere. Seated at your desk and handed a sheet of problems, you quickly feel a wave of apprehension sweep over you, generating a level of panic that makes it almost impossible to focus on the questions you’re being asked to solve. Your stomach churns, you start to sweat, and a sense of hopelessness and humiliation makes you want to throw your pencil down before you even begin. You can’t do this. You’ll never be good at it. Math anxiety strikes again.

Programs for Student Learning and Wellness

Academic Coaching (Grades 8 to post-secondary), Tutoring (Grades 1 to 12), Academic Foundations (Grades 6 to post-secondary), Study Space (Grades 9 to 12), Facilitated Focus (Grades 4 to post-secondary), Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (Grades 5 to post-secondary), Tutor Connect (Grades 6 to 12)

Shine a Light

The classroom can be a demoralizing place for students who struggle with learning disabilities. These children are intelligent and many are gifted (twice exceptional); yet because of their challenges with processing, working memory, and executive function, their grades rarely reflect their capabilities. A child’s self-confidence can disintegrate in the face of repeated failures and an inability to execute on demand, a situation made worse by the perceived success of their peers.

Summer Programs

Our summer programs include: Summer Tune-Up in math and English, Academic Foundations, Personalized high school credit program, Reading and writing skills development workshops