Evoke Learning Summer Programs

Summertime provides an ideal opportunity for students to develop helpful learning strategies and move beyond the school curriculum. At Evoke Learning, we believe academic success is not just about natural ability and talent, but includes thoughtful and purposeful effort. A lot of practice goes into developing learning approaches, understanding concepts, and mastering skills.

Cultivating Concentration in a Distracting World

For students who have trouble regulating their attention, the digital landscape is a double-edged sword. Apps, dictation, automatic reminders, writing and editing programs, and a host of other helpful products and services can help those students create structure to strengthen their weakest cognitive abilities. But the opportunities for engagement offered by so many technology devices—texting, gaming, streaming, and social media—present powerful distractions that can undermine academic progress and benefits.

Procrastination: the Thief of Time

The paper that was assigned four weeks ago is due tomorrow. Having ignored the deadline for as long as possible and underestimated the amount of time needed to complete the project, your child is suddenly in a panic, searching for last-minute sources, scrambling to develop a thesis, trying to create an outline, and relying on adrenaline to beat the clock. As the parent, you’re sucked into the chaos against your will, dropping everything you were doing to focus on getting your student across the finish line.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Strong readers start out as good listeners. Phonological awareness—the ability to identify, differentiate, recall, and manipulate the different sound structures of language—is essential to developing solid reading and writing skills. Children who have trouble attending to the sound structure of spoken language early in their school careers are likely to struggle with the acquisition of reading skills and spelling.

The Truth About Lying

What if, every day, you were asked to do all of the things you just weren’t good at—obligations that you found so onerous, you would gladly pay someone else to do them for you? Scrubbing the toilet, mowing the lawn, hosting your in-laws, cleaning out the basement—how far would you go to avoid them? Would you put them off? Maybe even tell a few white lies?

Practice on Purpose

You’ve played that piece of music a hundred times and practiced for hours on end. You’ve memorized every note and can execute it perfectly, but how can you play it in a way that moves you from amateur musician to classical pianist? How can you cross the bridge from acceptable to exceptional?

Do you have a learning disability?

Is it hard for you to focus on schoolwork or things you don’t enjoy? Ryerson University and the Child Development Institute (Integra Program) are investigating the effectiveness of a program that uses martial arts to improve attention, worries and behaviour in youth with learning disabilities.

Career Coaching with Evoke Learning

Students managing learning differences and other demands on their time are frequently at a disadvantage when it comes to guidance counseling. Many students are unsure of their options and have difficulty organizing their approach, getting adequate time with counselors, and identifying their strengths and interests. Our career coaches understand that the postsecondary environment is competitive […]