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Evoke Learning Summer Programs

Summer is a great time for students to catch up on their studies or move ahead to the next grade level. Evoke Learning offers summer course credit and noncredit programs in all subject areas, as well as reading remediation, writing skills development, and transition support for students in Grades 9 and 12 and postsecondary studies.

Each student learns specific, personalized strategies necessary for their academic success and receives a list of resources to assist them in the upcoming school year. Students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and executive function challenges are taught skills and strategies for organization and planning.

Summer Credit Program

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Summer is an opportunity for students to gain additional credits toward their high school diploma. Online learning offers the option of working at your own pace, deepens your learning, reduces the next year’s academic course load, helps students make up lost credits, and helps them plan for a reduced course load in Grade 12.

This summer, Evoke Learning continues to partner with Virtual High School to offer the Evoke Summer Credit Program. Through this unique service, clients will receive the one-to-one support they need from an Evoke tutor while taking a high school credit course online. The Evoke Summer Credit Program is an alternative to the traditional classroom. Our tutors work with students to help them meet their academic goals, organize their material and course work, identify information gaps, stay on task and adhere to deadlines, incorporate frequent learning breaks, minimize frustration and stress, develop critical learning skills, and continue effectively at their own pace. Evoke tutors are also available to proctor the assessments and exams required to complete the course. Tutors are available in all subject areas.

With the flexibility of the Evoke Summer Credit Program, students can still maintain a regular summer routine, working a part-time job, heading up to the cottage, spending time with family and friends, or visiting another country, all  while meeting their academic goals.  Students can meet their tutors in our office, in their own home, or online.  Students from anywhere in Ontario are eligible to participate in the program and earn high school credits.

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Summer Tune-Up Learning Program

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Following an initial intake coaching session, the student will have six sessions with their math or English tutor over the summer and one-hour, private coaching sessions before school begins to review academic strategies and establish goal setting for the new academic year.


Students who want to address academic challenges in math will benefit from our unique combined coaching and tutoring program. The program offers students an opportunity to identify their math challenges and create strategies to overcome those weaknesses. Working with a tutor and coach, students will identify and learn to understand their deficit areas. The student will work directly with their tutor to move through the specific units in math that they find difficult until they have a stronger understanding of those concepts.

Together, the student and tutor will co-create a math strategies handbook tailored to the student’s needs. The advancement element of the program allows the student to feel confident going into the next academic year.


Evoke assist students in developing independent reading strategies and skills, improving their reading and building their confidence as a reader. This is an individualized program designed to meet the student’s special needs. We will assess the student’s current academic level and identify gaps in learning and concepts.


This individualized program helps students become stronger, well-rounded writers.

Students in the elementary grades learn grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, essay styles, and how to conduct research and refine their thoughts. High school students become proficient in the art of high-level essay writing, including strategies for choosing a topic; effective brainstorming and mind-mapping; an understanding of different essay styles; initiating and organizing content; effective proofreading and copy editing; the inclusion of detail and balance; and mastering endnotes, footnotes, and bibliographies.

Our tutors work with each student to assess their level of proficiency, strengthen their skills, and help them meet the challenges of the expanding English curriculum. Students develop the ability to excel in a wide variety of writing formats, including comparative passages, descriptive essays, persuasive writing, outlines, and summaries. Secondary school students have the option of working with their tutor via Skype or FaceTime.

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Academic Foundations

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Every student benefits from a deeper understanding of their learning preferences and/or exceptionality. This self-awareness is important for understanding how to advocate successfully for your needs and accommodations in the classroom and beyond.

This program introduces students to the strategies, resources and tools that will help them navigate next year's academic curriculum (elementary, high school or post-secondary) and enhance their learning, organization, planning and study skills.  Students will learn more about how the brain functions, how we learn, how information is processed and stored and how this impacts learning. This is particularly helpful for those students with executive function challenges. Research shows that those students with effective study strategies, strong executive functions, self-regulation and a deeper understanding of themselves as learners are more successful in school.  Participants will return to the classroom in September as more confident learners with a stronger sense of themselves and their learning preferences.

The Academic Foundations program was developed using evidence-based research about the brain and how it processes, retains and retrieves information, and is delivered over a series of eight sessions.

Program sessions cover the following topics:

  1. Understanding your assessment, associated deficits and strengths (if applicable) and setting academic goals based on your aptitudes, challenges, and objectives
  2. An overview of memory and how the brain learns (processing, storage and retrieval) and a review of executive functions and the role they play in academic success
  3. Reading, writing and note-taking skills development
  4. Preparation for quizzes and exams along with test-taking strategies
  5. Organization, planning and the utilization of online resources and apps
  6. Goal setting, including successful mindsets and motivation strategies
  7. Self-care, with a focus on sleeping habits, mindfulness meditation, exercise, diet, brain stimulation, and overcoming stress and anxiety

Upon completion of the program, students will receive a binder with relevant handouts and a list of helpful resources.

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Summer Writing Camp

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There Is a Writer in All of Us: A Creative Writing Camp for ALL Students

Whether you love to write, or you would rather avoid it, this camp is for you!

Many famous authors (John Irving, Bernard Taylor, Fannie Flagg, F. Scott Fitzgerald) were exceptional learners. We know there is a writer in all of us!

The purpose of this camp is to provide students with the skills and strategies, as well as enhance their existing approaches, to getting what is in their head down on paper.

In each session, students may choose whatever genre inspires them; science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction, folk or fairy tales, Canadian fiction, or biography. Using group games, oral exercises, one-on-one support, and short written practice, students will create stories together.

Using a variety of fun, NO PRESSURE and creative prompts, students will learn how to craft their story, whatever type, or however long it may be. The skills and strategies taught at camp can be extended into the classroom and applied to all forms of writing assignments.

This camp is perfect for students who:

  • have processing challenges
  • would like more practice using their technology to write
  • want to enhance their writing techniques and skills
  • find written expression particularly difficult
  • have executive function challenges
  • avoid writing in general
  • need some convincing that writing can be fun!
  • just plain love to write and tell stories

This 7 week, 2 hours per session camp is engaging for everyone. Students will achieve a written product that they can be proud of every session. At the end of the camp students will be provided with a set of strategy sheets that can assist them with their writing in the upcoming academic year.

Cost per camp session (2 hrs): $45

Camp time: Wednesdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30 & August 6, 13, 20

Students entering grades 4-7 (9 am - 11 am)

Students entering grades 8-10 (2 pm - 4 pm)

Healthy treats will be provided.

Camp fees are transferable but non-refundable.

For more information or to enroll, contact Denise Harding at (

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What is Evoke Learning?

At Evoke we help students set and achieve their academic goals and find balance.

Our clients are challenged to identify needs and create solutions. They are given support in organizing and completing tasks. Central to the coaching effort is regular contact to set weekly goals, identify road blocks to achieving objectives and creating plans of action.

Coaches avoid giving advice and work in a responsive, non-directed way. Through coaching techniques students develop their ability to think effectively. Many students will respond more positively to coaching techniques than traditional learning strategies.

Evoke students include:

  • Students that struggle academically
  • Students diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or giftedness
  • Performance athletes striving to balance school and sports
  • High achieving students with extraordinary goals

With an Evoke coach, students explore present challenges, examine potential options and take actions in order to grow and improve.

Evoke coaching tools include:

  • Goal setting
  • Encouragement
  • Motivation
  • Structure
  • One-on-one time
  • Experiments
  • Mirroring

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