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Evoke Learning York Region is truly committed to results, with their solid support structure, extensive knowledge, and unwavering commitment to their young clients.

What I find remarkable is their consistent approach to my son’s coaching, Study Space and tutoring. At the end of his academic coaching he was able to understand how his brain functions, thereby normalizing his challenges. Strategies were suggested and practiced, during not only these sessions but in Study Space, thereby providing him with real time solutions that he is applying during his academic year. The tutoring that he also is signed up for supports him with even more detailed applications to ensure success.

Evoke York Region has also equipped me to be a better advocate for my son in the school system. Evoke York Region has even saved us from the typical parent child homework arguments! I have such peace of mind when I drop my child off at Evoke York Region, as I know that every minute he is with them, that his requirements are being met and the strategies are consistent. I am now sitting back and watching the success of such these strategies being used as his marks are going up.

I would recommend Evoke Learning York Region to any family that has a child with academic challenges because they have the knowledge to not only equip your child with the necessary support, but will educate your child with all information and techniques they need to have a successful academic year.

Thank you Evoke Learning York Region for supporting not only my son, but his parents too!

The De Simone Family

Evoke Learning York Region has had a tremendous positive effect on our son. He now has the ability and skills to cope with the academic workload that had once overwhelmed him. We have noticed a marked improvement in our son’s attitude towards his schoolwork, and his prospects for his future. He has much more confidence in himself, and we can see his sense of self esteem building as his marks in school continue to improve. We feel that Evoke Learning York Region has been able to connect with our son on a level that has not been achieved before, and he attends the sessions with great enthusiasm.

Thank you Evoke Learning York Region!!!

Nick & Tracey Evonic

As a parent, and an educator (Special Education) I have found Denise to be very knowledgeable about the intricacies of ADHD. She is clear and articulate and communicates effectively with me about my adult son who has ADHD. Denise has taken on the labour of effectively managing my son’s executive function deficiencies, so that he and I can enjoy a healthier parent/child relationship.

I would recommend her to anyone with a need for information and/or support regarding ADHD.

B.K., Parent

Dear Denise,
When I think back to why I originally came to you it was for inspiration. Throughout grade 7 and into grade 8 I could see that my son’s lack of interest in doing well in school was growing, and, as a result, I could see his marks quickly dropping. I knew that with high school around the corner it was important that he find that passion to succeed within himself – he certainly wasn’t going to do well just because we wanted him to. And that’s when we found you. The way you have inspired him is truly unbelievable! He comes out of your weekly sessions talking about all the neat techniques you have practiced with him and then he actually applies them at home and at school! Since he started working with you he has not once complained about doing homework or studying for a test…and that is huge! His marks in every single subject have reflected this positive change in mindset and technique. But as a parent, the most important change I have seen is in his self-confidence. He takes pride in scheduling his tasks and doing his work on his own and he is thrilled to see the results! And THAT is exactly the passion I was hoping to reignite in him. I haven’t been able to stop telling friends about you and your coaching. In fact, I can’t think of a child who wouldn’t benefit from learning these kinds of life skills.

I am so grateful for the positive impact you have had on him. You have armed him with the confidence and the techniques that we know will serve him well throughout high school and for years to come.

My husband and I thank you with all our hearts.


Denise has been a light at the end of the tunnel!! Navigating all the requirements for my child’s exceptionality was daunting. Denise’s coaching (for both of my son’s and for me!) has been invaluable. She has taught my boys how to become self-advocates and more confident with their abilities…and it showed. She has introduced them to tools, and more importantly how to use them effectively for each of their situations. Coaching focuses the boys on their goals, and with Denise’s guidance, they have excelled. I recommend Denise and Evoke Learning to any parent or child who wants to put forward a confident and exceptional student. She has done that with both my boys. Thank you Denise.

L.P., Parent of a client

Having a coach means always having someone in your corner, even when you feel overwhelmed or lost. Denise helped us understand our son’s diagnosis of ADHD and learning disabilities, gave us strategies and suggestions to implement at home, and encouraged all of us to see and utilize his strengths. That support has made a big difference in his life and to our family.

L.M., Parent of a client

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