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When I first came to Evoke, having a late diagnosis of a disability I was seeking some coping strategies, as well as organization and direction to be able to get through my first year of university. I was unaware of what coaching was, and thus did not know I was in need until I started my weekly sessions. I went in with an open mind and could not be happier with what Evoke has added to my life. As someone with LD and ADHD, I often felt scattered, discouraged and lacked certain skills such as time management and planning. Sometimes I even felt like giving up, fearing that I was ultimately not cut out for university. With the help of Anthony and Kate at Evoke, I was able to work with then to find the confidence, skills and strategies I needed to excel in my academic, professional, social and personal endeavours. He helped me shed the self doubt and inner critic that was holding me back and allowed me to grow while helping me to obtain my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree by assisting me with understanding how to deal with the overwhelming demands of school. I can honestly say I do not know where I would be without Evoke, but with Evoke’s help I have uncovered my true self, passion and drive to apply for graduate school and work at a job I am passionate about! I continue to rely on Evoke to be my best self and support me through the everyday stressors life throws at me. Thank you, Evoke!

University Student

Hi Kate,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your coaching support over the last few months. Having you in my corner while I was finishing my MSW really made all the difference for me. I learned a lot of strategies that will help me to be more successful in life, and I learned a lot about myself and what I need to be successful. I loved that you were able to both give practical advice and to help me manage the difficult emotions I struggled with. You were always so supportive and a pleasure to work with.


Hi Kate: You have been such a great support to our son. I am deeply grateful for the work you have done with K. A year ago he told me he had no passion for school and felt entirely incapable of managing high school, let alone university. Now he has passion, drive, and confidence, and he is a really engaged and happy young man. You have been really effective in helping him with all of those issues and we are extremely grateful. I know that K trusts and respects you, and that he will remember you as formative to his development, and as someone who has helped him through some extremely difficult periods. Thank you very much.


In a universe of “tutors,” Kate Lloyd’s niche as an Academic Coach is a refreshing and much needed “change of gears.” Four years ago our son was in Grade 9 and as uninspired as his results. My wife and I sensed we were at a crossroads. Well aware that things don’t finish well for the children of “helicopter parents,” we were determined not to destroy our relationship with our son by hovering over him for the next four years demanding a strict accounting for every assignment in his high school career. This is a formula guaranteed to turn apathy into resentment, anger and ultimately defiance. I asked a highly respected educator for her advice; Kate Lloyd’s name landed on my desk.

Kate insisted that our son “sign on” literally, in the end he agreed to this weekly commitment. Kate has a tremendous gift of insight with young people. She spent some time getting to know him and then went in on two fronts: motivation and organization. Our son did not want to do the organizational work or accept delivery of the motivational piece that put the “real world consequences” right back in his lap. At home we supported each of Kate’s initiatives and chose not to fight him, but we did insist that he follow through on his commitment to attend, after all, he had signed on.

After a year he stopped protesting. We saw no improvement in marks but we knew he was thinking, Kate was relentless about making him understand his own level of responsibility. He knew what he was supposed to be doing even if he chose not to do it. This is the point that many would give up but a career in education has taught me well that this “slow boil” needed to continue to roll, and it did.

Four years later our son continues to attend and profit greatly from Kate’s ongoing, interest and steady hand. His average has gone up by close to 30%. He has taken several proactive steps to better ensure his own future. Kate herself is sometimes surprised at the strategies he comes up with and, over the past eighteen months, his new found determination to succeed. He is succeeding. Kate has the wisdom to let him remain low key and yet tease out of him the quiet passion that has been putting him ahead in this race against himself and the challenges boys face in these times of delayed maturity and off loaded responsibility. Kate always insisted that he face the “real world consequences” of his own actions. As parents, my wife and I fought every natural urge to “rescue” our boy as we worked with Kate and just let the dreadful reports continue. That was hard but Kate was right to suggest that we not let ourselves become the targets by taking over responsibility for his success, or lack thereof. As Kate counseled us, that is his job. We can say with clarity that during four years of high school my wife and I have not had one serious fight with our son over his poor results at school. Make no mistake we would have had plenty of justification. At one point his math mark was below 30, now it is one of the excellent marks that we hope will secure him a spot at the university of his choice.

Kate’s work with our son, we believe, has been fundamental to his success and key to his development as a young man. We hope this partnership continues into his university years.

Glenn & Bonnie Domina

Hi Kate. How are you? It’s been so long!! I was meaning to say thank you for everything you did for me when I was going through rough times – I don’t know what I would have done without you. University is going well. I’m just finishing up with finals and they’re going good.

S.K. Former High School Client

I came to Kate when I was in a transitional stage of my life. I had failed rather spectacularly at my first attempt at post-secondary education, been diagnosed with ADHD, and was trying to figure out what to do with my life.

Kate listened to me, pushed me, helped me, and taught me so much. I had always enjoyed learning, recreationally, but when I tried it in school, it just didn’t seem to translate. She taught me how to learn, in a way that was tailored to me and how I naturally operated.

Most importantly though, she was there for me; I always felt like I had someone in my corner. She made me feel safe enough to confide in her. She pushed me in a way that motivated rather than intimidated. I can rather honestly state that I am where I am today, a happier far more productive place, in part to her and her methods.

Two years ago I would have thought Law School would have been impossible. Today, I’m in a program that I’m excited for and that suits me. My chances for graduating no longer feel like an “if” but rather a ‘when’. Thank you Kate, for everything.

Alison, Student at Law

After struggling with classroom schooling for most of my life, I was diagnosed with ADHD after my first disastrous year in my master’s degree studies. Once this had been identified for me, after I nearly abandoned my studies, I was very fortunate to find Kate to accompany me on my way. Kate brings immense patience, wisdom, humour, kindness, honesty, forthrightness and integrity to her work. Through her consistent empathy, affirmation, encouragement and constructive and straightforward, no-nonsense critique, I was strongly facilitated in increasing my self-awareness in a non-judgmental way, of the challenges in my life. Through working with Kate I have been shown and practiced a variety of skills with which to approach my difficulties so as to manage and better direct myself towards the goals I have. I know that I will continue to consult Kate in the future. Thank you, Kate!

S.A. University Student

Hi Kate,
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the work you did with our daughter last Fall. She had a fantastic report card, and is very proud of herself! I think that your work with her, plus the excitement of going to her new school, really brought out the best in her. Thank you very much!

B.W., Parent

Kate helped me work through several life transitions including an adult diagnosis of ADHD near the end of my university career. Despite a late start and various anxieties, I was able to finish my final B.A. thesis paper and be really proud of it and the final mark.


  • was a calm and understanding sounding board.
  • helped me to ask the right questions in order to keep moving forward.
  • offered non-judgemental support and helped me establish my own supports.
  • helped me identify key life themes, my strengths, values and common stumbling blocks.
  • reflected my progress back to me when I was engaged in whatever was a current crisis

Through working with Kate in my transition from university to working, I also came to find stability in my life (which lies within me), the self-assurance and skills in order to continue along life’s bumpy journey. When both individuals put in the effort, the results can be astounding. I have no doubt that Kate was and continues to be (through the skills I’ve learned) a large factor in my success and daily happiness.

A.M. University Client

Kate’s work as an Academic Coach blends the best of research-based best practice with an intuitive and sensitive approach to working with students. She is skilled at helping students develop the self-awareness and deep personal understanding essential to achieving academic and personal success. Students relate well to Kate because she is knowledgeable, authentic, and fun to work with.

L.F., Educator

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

I just wanted to thank you for having a positive impact on my life. Before we met I felt as though I was shackled to my ADHD disability.I was unable to concentrate. I barely had any patience and, worst of all, I made many embarrassing mistakes, which caused me to get fired from a few very good jobs. For years I felt like I was hopeless, a lost-cause and destined for failure. That all changed when I met you! Little did I know that I was none of those things. All I needed was someone who could coach me through my problems and help me become a better person. You have given me the tools to do that. I can honestly say that through your motivation and teaching I have attained more patience. I am better able to concentrate and best of all, I make less mistakes. Before I focused on my weakness but now I focus on my strengths. Thank you for giving me the tools that I needed to succeed with my ADHD disability. I know my disability will never leave me, but through your coaching has helped me better understand the nature of my disability. This has ultimately given me more confidence and confidence is priceless in this world!!! You truly have changed my life. Thank you!!!

M.J., University Client

I have been working with Kate for 2 years and will continue to work with her this coming year. Since receiving the Coaching, I have been able to reach many of my goals such as, better listening skills, organizational skills, and significantly decreasing the frequency of interrupting others. Kate has a tremendous amount of patience and has been very encouraging. Overall, I would encourage anyone with ADHD to give Coaching a try, as it has positively impacted my overall physical, mental and spiritual well being. I highly recommend ADHD Coaching.

T.D., University Student

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