Students who struggle with subject content or who have difficulty sustaining attention in a classroom setting are supported through our tutoring services. Our tutors work one-to-one with students to teach them, review concepts, walk through homework assignments step by step, identify learning gaps, provide missing information to ensure that pupils have a strong grasp of required material, and prepare them for upcoming tests and exams. The Evoke method also offers organizational support, study skills instruction, and the student is supported in the use of whatever technology they are currently using to access the curriculum.

Tutoring is offered to students in grades one through twelve. Elementary students can receive tutoring in all subject areas, including reading, writing and math.

What’s unique about the Evoke Tutoring program?

  • Students receive organizational and planning support in the subject they are being tutored in
  • Where appropriate, technology is used to connect to our clients to the curriculum
  • Students are taught research-based and effective study strategies
  • Tutoring sessions are tailored to the individual student’s needs, taking into consideration their personal strengths and challenges
  • All tutoring sessions are delivered in a one to one format; we do not offer group tutoring
  • Our tutors use online tools and resources that engage Millennium students
  • Our tutors are trained to work with students in a coach-like manner and have a deep understanding of exceptional learners, processing challenges, and the use of strategies and accommodations

Our tutoring sessions are available in our office, or online via Skype.