Students managing learning differences and other demands on their time are frequently at a disadvantage when it comes to guidance counselling. Many students are unsure of their options and have difficulty organizing their approach, getting adequate time with counsellors, and identifying their strengths and interests. Our academic mentors understand that the postsecondary environment is competitive and that it is extremely important for students with learning disabilities to pursue their education and career goals at an institution that fits their needs and abilities. At Evoke Learning, we alleviate anxiety for our students (and their families) by helping them ensure that they have the prerequisite courses and experiences to make successful career choices. Our mentoring sessions are student-centered, and we ask our clients open-ended questions to discover what inspires, motivates, and engages them. We move beyond traditional standardized questionnaires to give students an early, personalized, thoughtful, and comprehensive plan for thriving in a postsecondary environment.

Postsecondary Planning is comprised of three, 90-minute sessions held at intervals to give each student time to conduct research in between sessions. Each meeting focuses on a different aspect of career and pathway development.

Coaching, Learning Strategies, and Executive Function Skill Development

Our coaching and mentoring programs:

  • support clients to help them define and achieve their learning objectives
  • support students through transitions
  • help students achieve their academic goals
  • close the gap between ability and achievement
  • provide students with the balance of support and challenge they need in order to learn
  • pave the way for learning to occur
  • improve the overall learning experience for the student
  • focus on the development of a set of skills that will serve an individual throughout their academic career