Find a WISE READING® Remediation Trained Associate in Your Community

The WISE READING® Remediation Program, based on the doctoral research of Nancy Wise and offered by Evoke Learning, delivers phonological and phonemic awareness for struggling French immersion readers ages 5–7. The 18 hours of multisensory, play-based instruction is delivered in English and can also be used in English and dual track schools. Students work with trained Evoke instructors, in a one to one format. Sessions are one hour in length. Prior to the commencement of the program, and at the end of the 18 hours, students will undergo a pre-reading assessment aimed at identifying gaps in their pre-reading skills and providing the instructor, student and family with a record of how the student improved over the course of the program.

The WISE READING® Remediation Program is available at our three Evoke Learning GTA locations; Toronto, Maple and Aurora.

To be referred to an Evoke Associate, who is trained and certified to deliver the program in your community (or one nearby), please complete the contact form below.