Researchers estimate that in North America, more than 70 percent of students procrastinate in school. Many suffer from poor academic performance, decreased well-being, negative emotions, and reduced life achievements. Coaching and counselling have been identified as successful interventions in decreasing student academic procrastination. Our student coaching program provides five, 90-minute sessions of coaching conversation with a professional academic coach. Coaches discuss the myths and brain science behind procrastination, explain how to self-advocate, work with the student to set realistic and concrete goals, increase student motivation and hope, encourage self-reflection and self-control, review how to manage setbacks, and recommend customized strategies. Students with self-regulation challenges may find it helpful to follow this program with Evoke mentoring support, during the school year, to help the student move into action.

Coaching, Learning Strategies, and Executive Function Skill Development

Our coaching and mentoring programs:

  • support clients to help them define and achieve their learning objectives
  • support students through transitions
  • help students achieve their academic goals
  • close the gap between ability and achievement
  • provide students with the balance of support and challenge they need in order to learn
  • pave the way for learning to occur
  • improve the overall learning experience for the student
  • focus on the development of a set of skills that will serve an individual throughout their academic career